Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Maintenant, j'habite en Montreal!

It's been awhile!

Since my last post I've been quite busy. I lived in Vancouver for a year and a half and I've just moved to Montreal. While I was on maternity leave in San Francisco, the company I worked for (Kabam) sold the game I was working on to another company. I decided to quit and so went back to work for 5 weeks and then was able to take some time off to raise my new baby. In 2016 I did 6 months of animation at Atomic Cartoons using Toon Boom Harmony on a *still* unannounced TV show for Disney. I hope they announce it soon!

I haven't had much time for my own artwork since my kiddo was born, unfourtunately. But my lil dude is growing up and slowly getting more independent. I know it's only a matter of time before I'm back at work and making art, while he goes to school!

I'm summing up a lot of time in not many words! Being a new mama has kept me quite busy. Here are some 2016 photos: