Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I've been busy prepping for CTN Expo

I've been working very hard to prepare for CTN Expo! Staying up to as late as 3am has been happening regularly for me. My eyes are looking bloodshot each evening. I did make some time this past weekend to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and go to a friend's birthday BBQ but I haven't been able to fit in much socialising recently. Actually I stopped by APE and caught up with my friend Katie Shanahan on Oct. 12, visiting from Toronto. I've been working on designing a business card for myself and got really carried away with that. I was designing some elaborate cards on the weekend. I ended up doubting their practicality and went through a few iterations before I ended up going with the final idea. I still need to finish my demo reel 3D showpiece.

A young man has been contacting me via my Pickled Production blog with some animation questions and I told him that if he wanted, I would give him a couple free animation lessons when I'm done with CTN. So he will be my first animation student for the school I want to open! I actually purchased a domain name for my school and for Pickled too. I had a fun experience trying to purchase pickled.com. I offered $60 for one week and $75 for the next two weeks. I then gave up on pursuing it when the owner of the domain wouldn't return my messages. So on week four I received a counter offer for $65 535. As an independent film maker planning on making no money from my film, so there is no way I'd can pay much more than $75 for a domain for such a project. I went to purchase pickledfilm.com which I actually like better. Got it for $77.14 for the next 5 years. The owner of pickled.ca was actually very nice and professional and the asking price was more reasonable; offering that domain for $900. Still out of my price range though.

I'm enjoying my pink hair these days. Here's a selfie I took of my victory rolls I wore to work one day last week: