Sunday, September 15, 2013

Random News: Maya workshop finished and movies I've watched recently

The Maya workshop I took was with Animation Mentor and it was fantastic! Much of the material was very simple and the class was not quite as advanced as I would have hoped for. But that wasn't a bad thing really since it let me reinforce a lot of my Maya basics. Most of the students were completely new to animation and some of them dropped out, some of them realised animation wasn't for them, some of them thrived and gave every assignment their all. I asked all the questions I had during the online Question and Answer sessions and when I was able to answer other people questions in class or via email or facebook I jumped in there and tried to help out. I understand the huge value of collaboration and community within the animation industry. Some of the questions asked in class were "what is onion skinning" and "what is straight ahead" so I definitely answered those ones. Other times when students were getting stuck on assignments I was able to figure out what they were having trouble with and give help. By the end of the class more and more people were participating and answering questions, it was great!

Sabrina's last animation peer review at Kabam!

While I've been a terrible workaholic for the past couple months I did find the time to go to Smuggler's Cove (an awesome Tiki bar!) with some friends, I saw John Brassell on his birthday, I finished up a huge work assignment, I discovered gold kiwis can be bought at Berkely Bowl, I've continued to feast on fresh figs while they're in season, I beat Fez (with a lil internet help), I went to the newly renovated Lafayette Park, I said goodbye to a friend/coworker who is moving on to animate at another company, (Bye Sabrina!), I've started watching more movies and I had an epiphany about self projection and self awareness when I watched footage of myself that I filmed for some animation shots for my short film.

As for watching more movies, so far I've watched Kagemusha by Akira Kurasawa and I'm part way through Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb by Stanley Kubrick. I've got a list of movies I want to watch and directors and actors I want to see more of and I'm hoping to tackle this list finally on Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights.

Right now I've got a horrible cold. I can tell that it's going to get worse before it gets better so I'm taking it easy at home and continuing my workaholism thing. Trying to eat healthy and not stress out.