Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Personal Update: Maya, hair, pants, clutter, babysitting

I have been busy recently. What else is new, right? My priorities have been shifted around a bit. I've put off working on my film for now as I'm trying to teach myself Maya. I signed up for a Maya workshop by Animation Mentor that is 6 weeks and starts on August 5. So I will have homework! Thus the infrequency of blog posts. I'm no longer able to sign into my old fashion-matter blog and it seems like if I wanted to get ahold of that one again I would have to go to court to prove my identity. It's occurred to me to start up a new fashion blog but that is a serious dedication! So, maybe. I kind of miss having a corner of the web where I can say whatever I want about fashion and style. I've been semi frustrated that my Pickled blog has turned into more of a general animation blog rather than focusing on the production of my film.

I've started to think about Halloween and it's distracting! I'll try not to spend much money but I just ordered a pair of pants that are somewhat custom order :D I think this year (as in some other years) I will use Halloween as an opportunity to get some funky new clothes and then just dress up however I want. I've been getting a lot of weird pants recently including a pair of vintage velvet high waisted ones and some super drop crotch harem style pants in purple. They're called leisure pants. Those are still in the mail on their way to me.

I noticed that a few of my hairs have been falling out after my last bleaching. It's stopped and wasn't very much, but I'm going to stop using the 40 developer that I introduced into my hair regime. Back to 30.

I finally ended up cutting my hair too just over a week ago. I read this article about how people hang on to things which create clutter. People feel like "they may use said item one day" or they have some sort of emotional connection to it (re: feel guilty about parting with it), or they may not want to let something go after they spent substantial money to acquire it. Reading this article felt like permission to let a bunch of the junk I've collected in my home go. I've got rid of some items, cleaned and organized my home and chopped 6 inches off my hair. I remember when I moved to San Francisco and had only 2 suitcases of belongings. It was pretty great. Clutter definitely affects me in a negative way.

I had a very busy weekend this past one. Sunday was my good friend Ania's birthday and she wanted to go on a daylong tour of wineries with her hubby. She asked if I would babysit for the day and I said yes of course. Doing something for Ania (on her birthday) is something I very much wanted to do. I also wanted to get her a small gift... Small because I'm trying to be spend conscious. So I got her a bouquet of flowers and on Saturday baked one of her favorites; almond scones. The muscles in my back were all sore on Monday from playing with and carrying around a 2 year old for 10.5 hours. It was a good workout. So I didn't end up touching any animation related work this weekend. Not a big deal or nothin'. Hanging out with her son all day was funs. He is super sweet.

I saw Pacific Rim on opening night and it was pretty awesome. I liked that it didn't take itself too seriously and the action sequences were cool. The whole thing was cool. My jaw was hanging open for about half the film.

I have a craving to do an epic amount of baking... I feel like making bread or dimsum or moon cookies or pie or something. If only I had the time.