Monday, May 13, 2013

Inline Skating at Golden Gate Park

I finally made it out inline skating at Golden Gate park!
Here's the people who know what they're doing at 6th and Fulton:
I don't really get how people look so put together and casual while they skate and bike. I mean, I've got a centimetre of gloppy water proof sunscreen on my face, I wear my huge gym outfit and then everything is covered in a sheen of sweat. There are girls here with fishnet stockings and thigh high rainbow socks. I guess I could do that if I was there to skate more casually and not just exercise...

It's like skating and biking heaven here. Actually I really want to come back with a bike rental since I'd be more adventurous. I'm not actually very good at skating, (though I do enjoy it,) so if I had a bike there would be way more paths I could manage to do.
Here is a human made waterfall, of which I had to wait for a pack of segway riders to move out of the way to take a photo of:
And here are some photos of the rose garden:

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