Sunday, May 26, 2013

Closet Surfing and Desk Cleaning

What I wore to the cafe today.
That there is my closet. It's a bit crammed. I literally had to dig through it to find what I wanted to wear today.
I wish this photo wasn't so blurry... it's the adorable remaining gourds courtesy of Marnie from October 2012. Mine (on the far right) outlasted the others in terms of the race to be as shrivelled up and dusty as possible. But it was time at last to say goodbye to the gourds... I cleaned up my desk on Thursday. I've been dreaming of decorating my desk for a long time.... I would be surprised if it ever really happens but at least I can have a cleaner desk. Though I still need to dust. I'll keep researching desk decor for now.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Silly Braided Hair

I just braided it on each side and then stuck it to the back of my head. It's pretty much nonsense but that's ok.
What I really need is some hair gel or something so that braids keep curly :)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Visit to The Haight in San Francisco

I visited The Haight yesterday for a little jaunt! I visited one of my favorite shops; Held Over. This is the shop where I found my beloved black velvet cloak.
I was enchanted at Distractions; The Haights Original Eclectic Emporium! I tried on 3 sets of steampunk goggles there and drooled over poofy skirts and dresses. Oh how I would love to have an occasion to wear a tophat and goggles. I'm already waiting for Halloween and Holiday parties so I have reasons to dress up.

The Haight Street Market has offerings that cannot be found at my local Trader Joes or Wholefoods.
I also dropped by the Kid Robot Store. Did you know that it is Munny Month? There are some cool Munny goings ons this month and also the do it yourself toys are on sale!
Here are a couple looks I saw in windows that I thought were awesome. One is a little hard to make out, the the model is wearing multi-neon coloured leggings, a shiny red mini mini skirt and a patterned sleeveless top with a hot pink hat. I love the expert mix of pattern and colour.
The second look is more green all over and another great mix of pattern and colour. I'm impressed that green and black checkerboard leggings were made to looks so good in this ensemble.
Also this cool wooden parrot:

Monday, May 13, 2013

Inline Skating at Golden Gate Park

I finally made it out inline skating at Golden Gate park!
Here's the people who know what they're doing at 6th and Fulton:
I don't really get how people look so put together and casual while they skate and bike. I mean, I've got a centimetre of gloppy water proof sunscreen on my face, I wear my huge gym outfit and then everything is covered in a sheen of sweat. There are girls here with fishnet stockings and thigh high rainbow socks. I guess I could do that if I was there to skate more casually and not just exercise...

It's like skating and biking heaven here. Actually I really want to come back with a bike rental since I'd be more adventurous. I'm not actually very good at skating, (though I do enjoy it,) so if I had a bike there would be way more paths I could manage to do.
Here is a human made waterfall, of which I had to wait for a pack of segway riders to move out of the way to take a photo of:
And here are some photos of the rose garden: