Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the best gesture drawing session!

One day this week I headed out to the snazzy cafeteria in a mall near my house with a big sketchbook to do some gesture drawing. I discovered that going at 4:30 in the evening was a dull time to draw there. It's ca-ray-see busy there on the weekends and much busier later in the evenings but at 4:30 on a Monday, no so much. I found a few interesting opportunities and finally settled on sketching the Luxe bar/cafe right next to me and any people in and around it. Then a young dad strolled his very young son in a stroller to the table RIGHT in front of me and between me and the bar.

There's this sort of stigma associated with the public drawer at times... at least among artists... I know that some people enjoy being drawn but some don't and I imagine that lots of people don't like it when you're looking at them and studying their image without their knowledge or permission, especially when you are so close to them. It's like you're not giving them any privacy. So I stood up and went over the dad, who's name I found out is Denson and just flipped through a few pages in my sketchbook to show him what I was doing and asked him if he would mind me drawing him and his son. He said no he wouldn't mind! I was surprised that he was actually pretty happy to let me sit right next to his son in the stroller and sketch away for about 40 minutes. Denson mentioned he would go get another drink (he was eating his dinner in the cafeteria) and I could keep drawing and watch his son. The son got a bit antsy and started crying a bit so I offered to get Denson his drink.
I do feel a little strange posting the baby's name and too many personal details. For me, posting things online about children (or personal details about people's lives) is not something you want to do without forethought and consideration. I wouldn't assume I could just treat that sort of situation without respect which is the very reason I asked just to draw him.

I've been doing a good amount of life and gesture drawing while in Oz but I never post my drawings!! I really should. I want to... I get so wrapped up in my work and it took ripping these pages out of my sketchbook to be able to scan them them in multiple parts on my little scanner. It's kind of a pain... I guess I could take photos of my sketches...