Monday, May 09, 2011

Larra Skye: Indie Jazz Singer Songwriter Extraordinaire

I've been very busy working on layouts and colour guides recently. I finally tweaked all the colours to my liking, they are final! And I am learning to maneuver around in Corel Painter which I recently purchased.

Right now I want to plug the amazing Larra Skye, indie Canadian jazz singer/songwriter. I got to work with Larra last year on music for my animated short; Pickled. She was an absolute pleasure to work with from the first meeting to the last. I am so grateful for her passion and dedication. I know she has been working really hard on her second album, (when not touring around North America to play gigs). I got to listen to a rough cut of one of her demos; Pull Me In last year at our first meeting in August. Now you can listen to that and Grain of Sand on her facebook page. I hope you do. Her music is sultry, jazzy and smooth.

Please check Larra's webpage and her donation page. I believe May 24 is the deadline for her donation goal.