Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not much... Still in Pre-Pro on Pickled

Not much to report except promise of future posts... I've been working a lot recently, making as much extra $ as I can before my sabbatical. I've been doing everything I can, pre-production wise to ramp up for my short film, Pickled. I'll continue to document the making-of over at the production blog for it. I really need to make a new graphic image for the title there... (I think I thought Pickled Perfection was a good title at some point and thus the title of the blog and the header image there but it's driving me crazy now.

The music is coming along beautifully. My singer/songwriter is Larra Skye. She had the #1 bestselling indie jazz album of 2006 for national retailer HMV and is soon to release her new album. As I write this she is in Seattle on tour! You can listen to and purchase her music at CD Baby. Can't wait to her her final version of my song!

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