Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nicolas Marlet Online Workshop

Mike Dolan commented on the Character Design Blog that those CGMW guys have balls selling this (workshop) for $25!” I kind of agree... It was great to watch Nicolas Marlet do his thing but it was hardly a workshop on character design. It was a video of Nicolas sketching out and beautifying an illustration. No dialogue. Either way, I took notes throughout the video and took some photos and video of it while it played on my laptop. It felt refreshing to watch someone drawing and see how they go about it. Often artists get uncomfortable at the idea of someone watching a drawing in progress. There have been times where it bothered me and times where it didn't, it seems like something you just have to get used to but you can get unused to it again, strangely enough. Just my opinion, I don't think it's good to feel too uncomfortable to have someone watch while you draw...

Nicolas uses a pencil, a grey marker, a black pencil crayon and white paint to create this illustration.
the rough sketch
filling in areas with marker, going more heavily in some areas for more opacity
filling in areas with a black pencil crayon and defining lines
sweeping across the page to define lines
adding texture with the black pencil crayon

a view of the nearly completed illustration

Here's a short clip of Marlet sketching away:


  1. Thats too bad. They should have done a little interview at least

  2. yeah, that would have been cool...

  3. Can you tell the URL of that Video?

  4. Hi Be 2nd Nico, I found the workshop through who have a lot of very valuable workshops to offer. If you click here;; you can scroll down to Nico's name and find a link to register for the workshop.

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  6. Thank you~
    Then do I have to pay?
    (I can't because I'm in Korea...
    If you'r okay then can you send the video to my mail adress? : )

  7. If you downloaded the video before 4 days...

  8. Yes you will need to pay to view this workshop. I imagine that anyone may purchase. When you do register for a workshop there is a window of time that you can view it online but there is never a download. So I don't have a copy of this video. Though Nico is am amazing artist, this video is not particularly special... There is no talking and no lesson! I know it's great to watch artists at work as well but sometimes it was hard to even see Nico drawing in this video. There are oodles of free resources online for artists to learn that are actual lessons. I put up a little video and some screen captures and that's honestly all I can offer visually from this workshop! I hope you can find some others online that are what you're looking for. Thanks for checking out my post :)

  9. Is a pencil crayon diffrent than a color pencil??

    If it is, where would I find one?

  10. As far as me saying "pencil crayon" vs "colour pencil" I think those are the same thing. However I urge everyone to not get wrapped up in the tools. I was simply trying to describe what Nico was doing as he did not provide a voice over.

    Tools do not make art! It is up to you to practice and develop your skills and no pencil or tool of any kind will make you a better artist.