Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nicolas Marlet Online Workshop

Mike Dolan commented on the Character Design Blog that those CGMW guys have balls selling this (workshop) for $25!” I kind of agree... It was great to watch Nicolas Marlet do his thing but it was hardly a workshop on character design. It was a video of Nicolas sketching out and beautifying an illustration. No dialogue. Either way, I took notes throughout the video and took some photos and video of it while it played on my laptop. It felt refreshing to watch someone drawing and see how they go about it. Often artists get uncomfortable at the idea of someone watching a drawing in progress. There have been times where it bothered me and times where it didn't, it seems like something you just have to get used to but you can get unused to it again, strangely enough. Just my opinion, I don't think it's good to feel too uncomfortable to have someone watch while you draw...

Nicolas uses a pencil, a grey marker, a black pencil crayon and white paint to create this illustration.
the rough sketch
filling in areas with marker, going more heavily in some areas for more opacity
filling in areas with a black pencil crayon and defining lines
sweeping across the page to define lines
adding texture with the black pencil crayon

a view of the nearly completed illustration

Here's a short clip of Marlet sketching away:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 Minute Microwave Maple Vanilla Abomination Cake

My mom is a fabulous cook. For real. She loves to bake and cakes must be her favorite thing. She runs a small (and growing) business selling cakes to ravenous clients with impeccable taste. She has been writing more blog posts than usual recently and one of her recent posts inspired me to write one of my own on baking! I myself am a magical wizzard of baking. Recently I made a couple of delicious single serve cakes... in the microwave! I call them... 2 Minute Microwave Maple Vanilla Abomination Cake. My microwave cakes are of the vegan kind so you won't find any silly eggs or such nonsense here.

Vanilla Cake Ingredients:
vanilla extract (I'm lucky enough to have some homemade vanilla extract my mom made!)
baking powder
baking soda

If you have cocoa powder, raisins, walnuts, dried fruit, extract of whatever (rum, lemon etc.), cinnamon, peanut butter, strong coffee or maple syrup kickin' around... You're in luck! You can have chocolate cake or a combination of any of these.
Mix these ingredients together in a small bowl, enough for one person. You've made cake before... You can judge when it seems like a good mix! As long as you don't skimp on the oil or sugar and it gets that slighty 'cripsy/foamy' texture when you stir the mix due to the rising agents, you're good. Use a non-stick spray to generously coat the inside of your favorite microwave safe mug and spoon in the batter. Bake in the microwave for up to 2 minutes, then let cool. It will be hot!

Maple Icing Ingredients:
icing sugar
almond milk
maple syrup

Stir these all together. If you're into a runny icing that will soak into the cake like a sponge, use more milk. If you're into a thick sugary icing, use more sugar, maybe even regular granulated sugar instead of the icing type, though you might be slightly out of luck as well unless you're willing to whip some butter in there. If you want chocolate icing, use cocoa instead of maple syrup. If you want cinnamon icing, add that. Et cetera. Another fun idea is to use jam for cake topping, such as raspberry or strawberry. Stab your cake with a fork, you might even want to give it a 'light fluffing' with the fork since it's so hot and that will help cool it down quicker. Stabbing your cake will put some little holes in it for the icing to seep into. Pour the icing onto the cake.
The fun thing about this cake is that it turns out different everytime since I can't be bothered with measuring! Eat it out of the mug with a fork and you will only have 1 mug, 1 small bowl, a spoon and a fork to wash! Enjoy :) Next time I will reveal my secret Bachelorette Style Bean Ketchup Peanut Butter Recipe! (For when you eat by yourself at home or have little time to cook)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not much... Still in Pre-Pro on Pickled

Not much to report except promise of future posts... I've been working a lot recently, making as much extra $ as I can before my sabbatical. I've been doing everything I can, pre-production wise to ramp up for my short film, Pickled. I'll continue to document the making-of over at the production blog for it. I really need to make a new graphic image for the title there... (I think I thought Pickled Perfection was a good title at some point and thus the title of the blog and the header image there but it's driving me crazy now.

The music is coming along beautifully. My singer/songwriter is Larra Skye. She had the #1 bestselling indie jazz album of 2006 for national retailer HMV and is soon to release her new album. As I write this she is in Seattle on tour! You can listen to and purchase her music at CD Baby. Can't wait to her her final version of my song!