Saturday, February 20, 2010

Acting in Slow Motion is frustration

This little part of my animation has been the most difficult part for me. It's not actually done yet, (you can see that the third last drawing is unfinished and doesn't follow the arcs properly). On my first pass I was finding this bit of action technically difficult. Then after thinking about it some more and retiming, it was more emotionally difficult. I don't have a director to ask 'what would Pooh do'. I was going to animate Pooh following the (invisible right now) butterfly going over his head and side-stepping while doing that, but I thought that might look ugly and clumsy. So I decided that a quick step and arcing his head down into the turn would be aesthetically appealing and natural physically. I've shown the test to Stephen and he was the one encouraging me to have Pooh follow the butterfly overhead while stepping because he thinks it's what Pooh might do. So... arugh! I don't know. I think I'll just keep this action and finish the shot and see what it looks like and what people say afterwards. It can always be corrected later... Or just learned from for the next time.

I find acting out 4 seconds in slow motion over a month in my spare time so frustrating. If I was a live action actor, I would just get into character and step. Right? Or in everyday life, you just step, you just 'do it' and you aren't analyzing yourself. You wouldn't be thinking about it and redoing it and fracturing it for days. That's why I can really appreciate art that is made in a short period of time. You create something emotional and don't obsess over it until it's flat.

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