Wednesday, January 27, 2010

15 Second Gestures

I bought a mini 3 x 5" sketchpad and a couple of nice blue pens the other day so I can take them on the streetcar and sketch people. Sometimes the big sketchpad feels awkward to carry around and sketch people in while in such a public place. Though I would like to take it to some cafes or other non public transit places soon enough. I want to do a lot more life sketching.

Seems everytime I go to sketch someone they get of the streetcar or someone steps in front of them. These two I got in on the way home last night and took about 15 seconds each.


  1. Maybe you could do sketches of sketchy people but in a gestural way or a sketchy way... but perhaps it's too hard to make sketchy marks with a marker.
    Perhaps you could hold all the markers in one hand and do an gestural-orchestral-sketchy-sketch!

    Anyway very nice my favorite one is the bottom one.


  2. I will have to try that marker orchesta... haha thanks