Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fitness for Desk Dwellers

So... there is no way I will get my 11 second entry done on time. There are only 4 days left! I would like to finish it when the contest closes, but seeing how hardly along I am with it I don't think it even makes sense to submit it... It's pretty tough to critique it at this point... Just been busy with work and this past weekend I got sick which wasn't very productive. Today I was reading some articles about how people who sit at a desk all day to work are basically killing themselves. By living sedentary, we put ourselves at greater risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Not exactly a motivator to stay planted on my butt as I've done this entire month working... Here is one supposedly good exercise to do and here is a daily suggested daily routine for desk dwellers to get a fraction more movement into your day. It seems that moving around a little bit during the day, especially just getting up out of your chair every half an hour or so actually help your metabolism not commit suicide. Makes me think having a Wii might actually be pretty cool...

Anyway, I will definitely put my entry up here when I'm done and hopefully I can get a little feedback that way. As for animating, I need to GET FASTER!!!

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