Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

wrinkles - character lineup

I don't really have time to clean this up right now, and since it's just me drawing up the key poses it's unnecessary. I have a roatation done for each character in the lineup. I was impressed with myself when I got all four rotations done in one Saturday... Sunday was the day to do my bg's but I got a massive migraine that day and had to settle for some leica tweaking in the morning and then 19 hours in bed. Bg's got done during the week when I felt better and ate into 2 days of my animation long weekend... Argh! BG's took me longer than I thought they would.
Here's an animation scanning tip: Don't settle for 'removable magic tape' to secure your peg to the scanner. It's NOT good enough.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waking Sleeping Beauty premiere at tiff

This evening I saw Waking Sleeping Beauty, (review by Animation Magazine) a documentary by Don Hahn about the era from 1984-1994 at Disney. The film is quite honest and was so inspirational for me. Being in the theater, there was that magic- I was remembering my own childhood experiences of seeing Disney flicks on the big screen. I think I really feel at home, in the theater. The animators are not really the core focus of the film, rather the film provides a look behind the mask of the face of Disney animation. But the animators are still very much there and the footage of them is great stuff. A lot of artists stuck it out at Disney during those times when they could have left.
There was a good deal of focus on Jeffrey Katzenberg and it was new for me... I listened to a lecture by Katzenberg at Sheridan in 2005 and I've seen bits and pieces of him here and there in 'making of' segments accompanying animated flicks. It's very interesting (and nice) to see him react to situations and try to make things work for the studio and himself in this film. There's lots to learn about Peter Schneider as well. I knew less about Schneider than Katzenberg and he's a pretty key player.
After the screening I shook hands with Don and Peter- telling them both thank you for making the doc and that I enjoyed it and threatening Don that I would be seeing him the next day at his lecture at Sheridan College armed with my copy of Drawn to Life ready for an autograph.

Waking Sleeping Beauty is hoping for an April 2010 wider theatrical release. Don and Peter will continue to show it at festivals and push for some buzz in January/February by showing it as many places as they can.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rough (rough) test

This is Danny starting her childish galumph down some stairs, salmon replacing stairs for now. It's low res and just a test of two drawings to see if I'd like the look before investing a lot of time in it.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

work process: a background

a thumbnail

a final

*note the little marks all over it, those are character placements

Friday, September 04, 2009

short update on the short!

I'm too busy to write a big post, but the film is coming along nicely! Got a leica done, all my character designs and rough backgrounds. I ended up finding some really cool voices but ended up chopping the film waaay short due to time restrictions and so there's no more dialoge. I kinda like it that way anyway. Show it don't say it.

I found a pretty fun piece of music for this film, it's got a Hawaiian feel. It's perfect for the subject matter. And again, I'm so inspired by 50's interior design and art... Love that stuff... Check out these great images: