Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Prodution - simple short film I just started work on

I've started to find some interesting voices... I'm finding lots online but have had no response through my blog shoutout. Thought I'd give it a try and was a little wary of the Craigslist route. Just want some professionals and didn't know what I'd get with Craigslist...

So I have to get cracking on design, boards, leica, animation now...... I'd sure love to get some help, but it's tricky finding people due to time and small budget...

I'm going to enter this short into a contest and the idea is to win some money so I can take some time off to make my Pickled short that's been in my brain for so long... If someone were to help me produce this short and I did win some money it could get split up...

I will have to try and get some design stuff done so I can start posting it. Much to do.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Voice Actors Needed for Short Animated Film

I am starting to work on a short film and need two voice actors, someone to voice an elderly woman and a young boy. (Grandmother and grandson). I have a small budget and there are very few lines. 3-4 lines per voice. I need some voices with sincerity and warmth. I'm hoping to get these lines recorded soon, hopefully by September 7th at the latest (Labor Day). I'm located in Toronto so you must be able to meet me at a recording studio or be able to send me sound files online. Please mail me at if you have any questions, thanks!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Posting trouble - Re: King Rat video post

That last post gave me some trouble... Seems the text ended up being to dark to read... I can't get it to work, so I'll leave the video in the last post and here's what I had written:

Check out the new music video for 'King Rat' by Modest Mouse, directed by Heath Ledger. It premiered August 4, over 18 months after Ledger's death. The video had been mapped out but animation unfinished, so The Masses, a film and music company that Ledger was a partner in, completed the video in Ledger's honor.

It's pretty gruesome, but a refreshing video. I love the look of it and I love the lipsync on the big whale while he steers his boat. The simple style, limited colour palette and simple repeated cycles are pretty charming. The film is gruesome in the way it makes a point on the whaling industry by revversing the roles of humans and whales. (Watch out for humans being skinned and chopped up) Check it out. Available on iTunes. Keeping with the spirit of the video, proceeds from when the video is purchased on iTunes will benefit the non-profit marine life organization Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for the next month. The video hits iTunes August 7th.

Article reads: "According to a press release, Ledger approached Modest Mouse’s Issac Brock with the storyline for the video when Brock visited Australia in January 2007. With the clip, Ledger was hoping to bring awareness to the illegal commercial whale hunts taking place off the shores of Australia by reversing the roles of the parties involved, and the imagery of the video does a superior job of translating Ledger’s message."

“King Rat” was co-directed and illustrated by Daniel Auber with lead animation by Norris Houk, animation by Jade Taglioli and produced by Sara Cline.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting back into it...

Well, it's something... A half head turn of Pooh. Like the title says, getting back into it!