Sunday, January 25, 2009

wedding planning ate my social life

Well, planning my wedding has taken up every bit of my spare time recently... and sometimes I'm distracted at work by planning too... surfing around online looking at flowers and garter belts...

The flowers have been figured out, garter belt and guest book with pen set purchased, deposit sent to the photographer and personalised, self-designed stamps and postcards are printing... Plus, there is another secret gift in the making... Involving sewing...

Other than that, work is busy like mad... I've been enjoying 3:00 coffee time with Chris, Michelle and Sam just about on a daily basis... We have lots of inspiring chats and complaint sessions.

I don't really get why the next Dr. Sketchy's doesn't take place until Feb 9th.... Hasn't it been 2 weeks?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

new blog: pickled perfection

Well, blogging has not been a priority for me for awhile now. Been super busy at work and I'm busy planning the wedding with Stephen in my spare time. I'm making blogging a bit more of a priority though... I have a new blog! It's Pickled Perfection, a blog documenting the making of a short film that I'm working on. I've just updated there so I don't much feel like writing anymore seeing as it's now past 1am. I had a nice Christmas and New Years. Last weekend I had Dan over for dinner at my newly cleaned apartment. So there it is.