Saturday, November 22, 2008

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Going to see Repo! The Genetic Opera tonight! I am so excited to see this movie. I read a review of it saying that if you like Rocky Horror, Phantom of the Opera or the Saw movies, then you will like this!Above - Paris Hilton as Amber Sweet

In Toronto it's playing at the Bloor Cinema, for one week only, Nov 21-27. Unfortunately the Bloor Cinema site hasn't been fully operational, you can't even check out the schedule and the last time I called them their mailbox was full. SO if you wanna check out this movie, here is the schedule:
Mon:4:30 9:00

Below - Sarah Brightman as Blind Mag:
A lot of film critics are whining about the fact that Paris Hilton is in this movie. I don't get what their problem is. Apparently director Darren Lynn Bousman refused to audition Paris at first and she had a copy of the script smuggled to her while she was in jail so she could rehearse the role.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation Andrea! I went yesterday with my brother and really enjoyed it. The costume work and singing quality was top notch and it was cool having people who worked on the film (especially the costume designer) stick around for q&a afterwards. good times!

  2. Oh yes! Um, out of curiosity, did you mention already owning the dvd of this? I showed my sister some clips and now she's super intrigued and I want to watch it again :)

  3. I love this movie too! That's cool you got to see it. I don't have it on DVD yet, it's going to be released in January... when I was saying I'll loan you the DVD I meant I will have to get it so I can watch it again!