Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Day after Halloween!

I brought my camera along with me all yesterday but apparently Steve took the memory card out of it and forgot to put it back in so I was unable to take photos of wicked costumes and party fun at KT and Gerry's! Hopefully I can grab some photos of such good time from them soon. I dressed up as a 20's flapper and Steve went 80's glam rock complete with way too tight print pants and tight sparkly top full of holes and 4 inch chunky heeled boots.

Stumbled across this pile of thoughts on an early screening of UP in progress. I love seeing animated films that way, unfinished, chock full of scribbly boards and rough animation next to completed scenes. It sounds like UP is going to be quite mature thematically but still fun, and pretty different from other feature animations. Just noticed that cartoonbrew posts a link to this pile of thoughts by Larry at The Fire Wire as well. Oh well.

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