Saturday, November 22, 2008

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Going to see Repo! The Genetic Opera tonight! I am so excited to see this movie. I read a review of it saying that if you like Rocky Horror, Phantom of the Opera or the Saw movies, then you will like this!Above - Paris Hilton as Amber Sweet

In Toronto it's playing at the Bloor Cinema, for one week only, Nov 21-27. Unfortunately the Bloor Cinema site hasn't been fully operational, you can't even check out the schedule and the last time I called them their mailbox was full. SO if you wanna check out this movie, here is the schedule:
Mon:4:30 9:00

Below - Sarah Brightman as Blind Mag:
A lot of film critics are whining about the fact that Paris Hilton is in this movie. I don't get what their problem is. Apparently director Darren Lynn Bousman refused to audition Paris at first and she had a copy of the script smuggled to her while she was in jail so she could rehearse the role.

Friday, November 14, 2008

AGO Reopens it's Doors... with free admission!

At last the AGO reopens it's doors to the public! Since I got back from Vancouver last November it's been closed... This weekend they have a special promotion, free admission all weekend!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Holy Crap Podcasts!

Has anyone else been listening to any animation podcasts? A couple days ago I didn't really know what a podcast was but now I am HOOKED! They are so cool. I've found The Animation Podcast and in one I was (re) listening yesterday, Clay mentions a few other animation podcast creators, (Spline Doctors, Animation Conversation, Toon In, Conversation on Animation) and now that I do a quick online search I see that there are many more! So far I've just headed over to The Spline Doctors for a start and their webpage is amazing too! I wanna check them all out. The Animation Podcast often feels a lot like a very enjoyable history class, but the interviews are peppered full of great animation info and ideas... Very cool. Thank you Clay!

Yesterday morning on TV I saw a pretty cool advert for M n M's candies, It's an ad with Red and Yellow in a montage of clips through the years and their design and animation styles match the times they are placed in along with the setting and all the people in those clips.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloweenie Pictures

Some pics from Katy n Gerry's party!Steve n' Ijust Stevean intense discussion about rum or something pirate-y

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Day after Halloween!

I brought my camera along with me all yesterday but apparently Steve took the memory card out of it and forgot to put it back in so I was unable to take photos of wicked costumes and party fun at KT and Gerry's! Hopefully I can grab some photos of such good time from them soon. I dressed up as a 20's flapper and Steve went 80's glam rock complete with way too tight print pants and tight sparkly top full of holes and 4 inch chunky heeled boots.

Stumbled across this pile of thoughts on an early screening of UP in progress. I love seeing animated films that way, unfinished, chock full of scribbly boards and rough animation next to completed scenes. It sounds like UP is going to be quite mature thematically but still fun, and pretty different from other feature animations. Just noticed that cartoonbrew posts a link to this pile of thoughts by Larry at The Fire Wire as well. Oh well.