Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Just got home from a quick visit to Queen St. West area and I'm just settling in with a cup of tea to do some freelance work. With a commute and a full time job, taking on extra work was a retarded mistake. Not going to do that again. At least the work is pretty fun, I'm doing 10 little animations of 6 characters in Flash that Elaine Bogan designed for this company in New York. The project will end up being an educational interactive website and later video on saving energy. So, pretty cool. Unfortunately none of the characters were built when I received the designs so I had to build them all... Been doing that on the GO train on the way to work...

I recently finished reading Watchmen, I really liked it. Picked it up at Silver Snail. When I got it it was the only copy in the store, the salesperson I asked about it had just finished reading it himself the night before and then returned the copy to the storeroom. Now there a whole pile of copies available and I've seen it promoted online like at Watching the trailor after reading the book is such a greater thrill, the way you can see all the characters brought to life on the big screen, the effects and the costumes... Andrew (intern at work) was the one who told me about Watchmen and that the trailer would be played before Batman. He was saying there were a lot of trailers and Watchmen was the last one, that just before it came on he was wondering if it would even get played. When I saw Batman with Steve in Imax, it was the only trailer! Just as it was ending some guy came into the packed theater, arms full of pop and popcorn and he cried out 'FUCK! I missed it!'

Also got a copy of Character Animation Crash Course by Eric Goldberg last weekend at The Labyrinth. Although I preordered it June 20 at, there weren't going to ship it until August 28t! So... I cancelled my online order and picked it up despite the $10 or so price difference. I still have to get really into it, been busy, but it looks pretty hot.


  1. I hear ya, taking on freelance on top of work-work just draaains you. I'm curious to see what you're animating on though! Was that some stuff Elaine was free-lancing on? Or is it like a dreamworks thing? Fun times! :)

  2. Hey Andrea!
    First of all, this line was great: "With a commute and a full time job, taking on extra work was a retarded mistake." I made the EXACT same mistake, and the mistake lasted for about 5 weeks! Waste of my life.

    Also, it was funny, after I returned from my vacation, I somehow overheard I think Mark saying "blah blah blah...since Andrea left...". I went over to your area immediately and questioned deVries. Sure enough, I found out you had gone to Elliot. Too bad I didn't get to say goodbye! I appreciate your message though. I hope you're having fun there so far. I KNOW you're having more fun getting there, that's for sure.

    Now let's see some Batman fan art!