Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sick Day

This morning at 5am I woke up feeling nauseous and ended up being really sick... I feel nauseous when I walk and I can't eat much.... My plans for the day were scrapped, working and I had some errands to run downtown as well.... Opting to take it easy in bed all day, Stephen offered to go out and rent me a movie.... He got me some Sex and the City episodes I haven't seen... Isn't he a sweetie?

My last post seemed a little bitchy in retrospect, sorry about that... So I cleaned that up and found some more pretty things to post. I miss drawing though, I would like to post some scribbles instead of photos of things sometime soon... I need a time machine.

If you're looking to go out and see a movie, check out Iron Man, it's really good.

Another lovely shoe, kinda like the ones I already got... Keep seeing the roses everywhere...Bride and Maids of SATC Black dresses

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nice day for a ...Black and White wedding

Wedding planning is on my mind all day these days... I'm getting underway with the bridesmaid stuff now, finally asked all my girls to be my bridesmaids! Karen is the maid of honor, and Lucia, KT and Elaine are my bridesmaids. I'm so happy that they're all excited about it...

A look by Chanel:Here is a pair of shoes I really like for bridesmaids. My mom likes this pair:Here are some black (or maybe very dark burgendy) calla lillies I love: And here is the Humber Room at The Old Mill, where the reception will be held.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Post-Stephen's B-day - Wedding Plans Snowballing

The Biggest reason I haven't been blogging much recently is this:
A shirt and tie I made for Stephen for his birthday took me all the spare time I had for a month to finish. All while keeping it secret! I also put together a surprise b-day party for him at Alice Fazooli's and made him a lemon merange pie at home in place of a birthday cake. He likes his new shirt. I've been too busy to clean too as you can see from the photo. I was going to make a vest as well but just did not have the time. I even have the pattern and the fabric! I still have a summer dress in pieces that I want to put together for myself as well...

I picked up my dreamy wedding shoes on the weekend... They're black! And gorgeous! My dress is a creamy off white but nearly all my accesories will be black. I think they scare my mom.
I didn't get to come home for mother's day, but I will be trekking back to the loo for Dan's graduation ceremony mid June and I'll be doing the belated mother's day thing then.

Well, I think my life is just going to get busier and busier. Wedding planning is snowballing now, I want to join a gym and I may be doing some freelance work soon. (All on top of the 3 hours of commuting I do each day.) I have no idea when I'll see my apartment floor again...