Monday, April 28, 2008

The Story of Stuff

Today it felt like the seasons were reversing and we're moving back into winter... Very cold in Toronto today.
Here is a picture of the lovely flowers Steve picked up for me the other day:

I found a video about stuff, and anti-consumerism... You need to watch it!!!! It's called The Story of Stuff and you can watch it HERE. This little film is sums up very nicely pretty much how I feel about our world and our daily lives.

I found a great way to jazz up the daily peanut butter sandwich.... Mix a couple big spoons of peanut butter with a smaller spoon of cocao powder and put it on your bread. Squirt on some honey if you wanna sweeten it. YUM!

I'm pretty busy at work still, but my big deadline right now is this Friday. I even went in on Sunday for a couple of hours to get some work out of the way. I did have enough time to start adding links to my blog however!! I used to have a long list of links but somewhere along the way they got erased... I think I changed my template or something... I'll keep adding links, when I get some more time :)

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