Friday, April 11, 2008

the glamourous world of fulltime blogging

Hallo, I know I've been absent from my blog, I've got stories to tell and things to say... but not much time to write them down. My days are 12 hour days now, no longer carpooling. I commute by foot/GoTrain/bus which is an hour and a half each way. I just had my skirt sewing class this past Wednesday evening, went to The Ryerson Graduating Fashion show on Tuesday (Mass Exodus: Paramnesia) last night took a field trip to the grocery store after work. So got lots to keep me busy.

Blogging can be fulfilling and pretty fun, even addictive if you let it go that far. Read this article on the glamourous world of fulltime blogging. I should actually get going, I'm at work and I think I'll already need to be coming in this weekend...

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