Thursday, March 13, 2008


Here are the zippered pouches I made last Saturday at sewing class:The lining is a cute fabric with a print of wooden Russian dolls on it, you know the kind you open up and there's a smaller doll inside and you can open up 10 or so until you get to the smallest one?

I wish I could post pictures of me in wedding gowns that I've tried on... but of course I can't since Stephen checks my blog... Found some beautiful ones so far... Well a lot of beautiful ones. Shopping for a wedding gown is actually pretty hard... I'll be back at it this Saturday when mum and Andrew visit me.

I know I haven't been updated a whole lot recently, I switched internet providers (again) so now I finally have reliable internet service! But I've been updating my new blog a lot more now, the fashion one. I'm just so into it right now...

Been pretty tired in general recently, I think it's the whole getting up at 6am every day and daylight savings thing that's done it... Going to bed after 10pm sure doesn't help...

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