Monday, February 25, 2008

Fashion Matter

Internet still working!

I've created a new blog about my adventures in fashion! I call it Fashion Matter. Just wanted to keep it separate from my animation/personal one, so if I'm not updating this one as often, you can get your Andrea fix over there.

Check it out:

And here's a silly pic Steve took of me on V-Day...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Small Update

Sadly I don't have any pictures to post just right now, my internet service is sketchy at best and I'm taking the window of opportunity to post a little update while it's working. I finished my painting finally, so I have my living room back! Although I think I went a little too far on the background (in the painting) so I might end up going back one last time to lighten that up. Then I can take a picture and post the final image at last! Working at PSI in Oakville has been interesting... I'm carpooling again with an animator friend and it's working out well... A couple weeks ago Sheridan went through a lockdown when some staff and students thought they saw someone on campus with a shotgun.... It turned out to be their damn tripod.... There have been some crazy snowy days, not fun for commuting... And on Valentines I ate dinner at the CN (360 is the name of the restaurant) with Stephen. We both got all hot, I wore a black velvet Betsy Johnson cocktail dress and curled my hair, Stephen wore a snazzy new blazer/pants/red shirt combo. On Tuesday night I went to a sewing class at The Workroom, it was extremely satisfying and I am eager for more lessons!! Today I made it out to yoga when my wedding gown shopping plans were foiled. The people who were meant to send a specific gown for me to the Toronto Justina Mc Caffrey boutique forgot to put my gown on the list of items to be ordered... so I'll be trying that out next weekend instead :)

Next time I'll have pictures!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Since my last entry I...

-saw Cloverfield and loved it
-worked on my painting (see below)-decided to commute to work in Oakville on my own versus carpool (It's 1.5 hrs each way!)
-got started learning Harmony
-got sick
-saw The Simpsons Movie, I loved the scene where Homer watches the tape Marge has left him
-made blueberry waffles with Steve among many other yummy meals
-bought 3 dresses at the Bridal show (NOT wedding gowns)
-went to the Toronto National Bridal Show

I'm looking forward to getting my postcard from my mommy and andrew from their trip to Florida, mastering Harmony, going clubbing, finishing my painting, doing more wedding gown shopping, not being sick, having time to write my film script, dinner at 360 with Steve on V-Day.

I remember KT asking me what my weekend plans were on Friday evening when Chris, Michelle and Steve and I surprise visited her place, and I wanted to like... work on my painting and dye my hair or something... But I ended up being super sick and spending nearly a day finding new bedsheets/other housewares at the Bay with Steve and then the next day going to the drop-in clinic and having to return stuff to the Bay that was broken. At least I got 2 new lipsticks... in hot pink and coral orange! My mom and I end up talking about makeup (among other things that always pop up, like fashion and boys) often enough to make me feel like I am a lot like her and we are 2 funny ladies. I know she talks about all the same stuff with Karen too...

Here's a colour study I did for a big panning BG I put together for my LAST (unfinished) film idea: