Sunday, January 06, 2008

New stuff / New year - Looking for people who would like a portait painted of them

My internet connection has been inoperable for some time now, and with a long visit to P.E.I. and then The Loo, blogging has not been a possibility for some time. But I'm back!

I've decided to become a vegan.... It's a little bit hard to cut so many nice tasting things out of your diet and manage meals at home sometimes, but ultimately, I'm very excited and happy to be vegan and I'm feeling good. Feeling healthy. I've decided to avoid alcohol and caffeine as well and cut out all refined sugar from my diet, or at least to the very best of my abilities... Seems that if I was super strict I'd have a very difficult time if ever at a restaurant with the sugar thing. But there are always options that are suitable.... Like vegetarian stirfry at Swiss Chalet, Udon Veggie soup at Masa Sushi and veggie burger at any pub.... My favourite restaurant ever is Fresh! ( They are a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and their food is kickass. What's cool about being vegan is you can really eat anything- but it's just different- mac and cheese is now made with whole grain pasta and soy milk/margarine/milk. Ice cream can be done soy, meat as well... Chocolate, pizza, lasagne, can all be made with substitutes.

I'm feeling very creative these days... There are many things I want to do, animate, storyboard, learn 3D lighting, life draw, learn to sew, paint....... If anyone is willing to sit still for a few hours and get a portrait painted of themselves, let me know... I need some people to paint! Depending on how patient you are, I'd say anywhere from 2-8 hours would do. If anyone I know wants to get a portrait painted, lemme know.

Still haven't ordered a wedding dress. Still deciding and looking. Not sure where the honeymoon will be either.

Stephen made his first alcohol purchase last night. Though it's not for drinking, it's for cooking. We got some vanilla liquer to make pear flambe and some Guiness 'cuz he loves beef n' mushroom pie made with beer. So all the alcohol gets burned away and it's just the taste left. Still, it was pretty funny to go into LCBO with him and he has no idea what any of it is- Or how the store is organised... I'm all reminicising of days gone by of chocolate peanut butter martinis, polar bear shots and brown cows... The pub favourite was cider and Kahlua made Tim Horton's hot chocolate even warmer....

Also, last night I tried out rockclimbing! It was a lot more fun than I expected it to be, it's a challenge... Quite interesting. So I bought a two week membership and I expect to go back at least 2 more times in that period. I'm also getting into yoga, which I really like... It's a fantastic physical challenge as well as a way to clear your mind and be aware of your body, so I really like it.

Happy New Year everyone!!!


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  2. there's a vegetarian restaurant called "Live Organic Food Bar" up at 264 Dupont at Spadina that Now magazine ranked 5"N"s which is supposed to mean pretty much perfect. My roomate's been there and enjoyed it, you may like it as well!
    According to the article it's a 30 seat 100% vegan, mostly organic, mostly raw food bistro.

    Man, you're making me start to seriously consider becoming a vegetarian, I am so low on energy reserves all the time, and you sound so hyper! :)

    p.s. that was me with the deleted comment (don't like posting anonymous)

  3. Thanks for the suggestion on the restaurant! It sounds delicious. Steve n' me were cooking up a storm this weekend, and Stephen made Saffron bread with dried blueberries, howp! Fresh is super close to CORE so if you ever felt like giving it a chance, it's like 5 mins away. My mom even loves it there! And then there's Fressen on Queen, that's a really nice place, a little pricier and looks a little ritzier...