Monday, January 21, 2008


Well here's a photo I took with my cel phone, it's chilli! Consider this an extension of the last entry since I was sad I had no pictures to post.

Back to Work

Today was my first day back to work! I got up soooo early and was half an hour early for the Go train. And it was bloody cold outside! Especially with my little running shoes! Anyway I made it to Pipeline and met a bunch of new people, watched some cartoons (Grossology! see: So for the rest of the week I'll be hardcore training on Harmony at Nelvana, which is like, a 20 minute walk from my house. Someone at work was kind enough to offer me a ride home and it looks like I'll be able to commute with him each day.... YAY

It was another inspiring day for me, I was semi sort of dreading going back to work, the idea of my contract lasting a -whole year- and commuting and learning new software, it was so so nice to have free time to DO STUFF on my own, ya know? But I miss working as well and even if I do have to commute, it's not so bad. I actually enjoy getting up early and not wasting the day sleeping. So it's nice to have a job that forces you to not waste the day. It's a great studio, I love it. I'm very excited to be on a great show and learn some new stuff and meet new people... This is a new thing for Pipeline, but very couple weeks someone is going to do a 'lunch n learn' thing, where they give a lesson to anyone who wants to pick up something new, like Marco is doing a painting lesson tomorrow and I'm not happy I have to miss that! Aw well.

I'm excited because I have a new story idea, was thinking I'd hammer out a script first this time, not just try to pump out rough boards, I know that's the way that a lot of awesome story people have done it, at least on features, but I am thinking that maybe for me it will be easier to visualise the story stuff when I have a story to read... I think I will be able to keep the story more tidy this way... My year was encouraged by our animation teacher to build up a story this way but for TV animation as I've experienced it, there's always a script first... Visualise to the story instead of story with visuals for me this time. I think that's better for my brain.

I still can't find my camera cable! I will give it some more time to show up and eventually I may just have to get a new one... if I can...

Yesterday Stephen made saffron bread with blueberries... It was super yummy. He picked up a book on breadmaking and is all into it right now. I ended up picking up the sequel to 'How it all Vegan' which is 'The Garden of Vegan'. I adore the recipes and ideas in those books...

I just watched the Transformers movie a couple days ago, I was kinda dreading watching it... I didn't let Sean drag me to the theater in the summer in Vancouver- the trailor made it look so freaking cheesy... And it's a bit hard to stomach for the first 15 minutes or so, but the animation is gorgeous and the Transformers (the characters) are pretty fun... The effects are incredible and watching all the special features on the DVD makes you wanna watch the movie again, and really appreciate it. It's the kind of movie that is boggling as to the fact that it even got -finished- there was so much work put into it! I think the ending fell pretty flat... It was kinda silly... All the 'hacking the system' and how every female character is hot as hell and 'ohmigod call the President' stuff is bad, but overall the film is still very enjoyable. Hey, if you like jawdropping effects, you should also be sure to watch the new Superman movie...

I wish I had a picture to post :(
I hate posting only text...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Internet Broken Again

Well my internet connection is down again... It hasn't been working for days. So I'm in the public library again to check my mail. Also, I can't find the cable to import photos from my camera to my computer!! I have a still life in progress at home that I wanted to post a photo of, so I took a photo with my cel phone. Therefore, crummy photo quality. It's something at least...

So here it is, a work in progress with acrylics:

So other than painting, I've been doing a bit of yoga, rockclimbing, lots of reading, learning how to light in 3D, life drawing, animating, cooking, wedding dress shopping and lots of cleaning!

I wish I had more time.

Anyway, being unemployed was wicked, it's so great to have the time to get things done around the house/run errands and have some time leftover to do some good stuff. Training at my new job starts on Monday and of course I'm excited, also nervous. I am nervous about having to get up so early every morning to commute to Oakville, I hope I can get my tired butt out of bed early enough 5 times a week.

The vegan thing is going great- I got a couple books on it, one a cookbook; 'How it All Vegan' - see: The other night I made mushroom/onion/lentil stuffed squash for dinner and lemon cupcakes with maple icing for dessert, it was too yummy to go get the camera to take a picture. Besides, I can't find that darn cable...

I'm super interested in learning how to sew- I picked up a copy of Sewing for Dummies and found The Workhouse on Queen which rents out sewing machines and gives lessons. The other day walking down Queen street I decided to head into Designer Fabrics- it looks a little 'Parkdale' on the outside... but inside I was surprised by the selection of fabrics.... thousands of samples all kept on little hangers and you go browsing through them, you write down the number they have and ask for those fabrics at the cutting table. More sophisticated than any fabric store I've ever been to before... Then upstairs, they had a bunch of pricy stuff. There is an assortment of fabrics actually locked away behind glass doors! The priciest fabric I could see was $900/yard!!!!!!!!! Anyway, they were beautiful and there are too many things I want to do...

Anyone want their portrait painted?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New stuff / New year - Looking for people who would like a portait painted of them

My internet connection has been inoperable for some time now, and with a long visit to P.E.I. and then The Loo, blogging has not been a possibility for some time. But I'm back!

I've decided to become a vegan.... It's a little bit hard to cut so many nice tasting things out of your diet and manage meals at home sometimes, but ultimately, I'm very excited and happy to be vegan and I'm feeling good. Feeling healthy. I've decided to avoid alcohol and caffeine as well and cut out all refined sugar from my diet, or at least to the very best of my abilities... Seems that if I was super strict I'd have a very difficult time if ever at a restaurant with the sugar thing. But there are always options that are suitable.... Like vegetarian stirfry at Swiss Chalet, Udon Veggie soup at Masa Sushi and veggie burger at any pub.... My favourite restaurant ever is Fresh! ( They are a vegetarian/vegan restaurant and their food is kickass. What's cool about being vegan is you can really eat anything- but it's just different- mac and cheese is now made with whole grain pasta and soy milk/margarine/milk. Ice cream can be done soy, meat as well... Chocolate, pizza, lasagne, can all be made with substitutes.

I'm feeling very creative these days... There are many things I want to do, animate, storyboard, learn 3D lighting, life draw, learn to sew, paint....... If anyone is willing to sit still for a few hours and get a portrait painted of themselves, let me know... I need some people to paint! Depending on how patient you are, I'd say anywhere from 2-8 hours would do. If anyone I know wants to get a portrait painted, lemme know.

Still haven't ordered a wedding dress. Still deciding and looking. Not sure where the honeymoon will be either.

Stephen made his first alcohol purchase last night. Though it's not for drinking, it's for cooking. We got some vanilla liquer to make pear flambe and some Guiness 'cuz he loves beef n' mushroom pie made with beer. So all the alcohol gets burned away and it's just the taste left. Still, it was pretty funny to go into LCBO with him and he has no idea what any of it is- Or how the store is organised... I'm all reminicising of days gone by of chocolate peanut butter martinis, polar bear shots and brown cows... The pub favourite was cider and Kahlua made Tim Horton's hot chocolate even warmer....

Also, last night I tried out rockclimbing! It was a lot more fun than I expected it to be, it's a challenge... Quite interesting. So I bought a two week membership and I expect to go back at least 2 more times in that period. I'm also getting into yoga, which I really like... It's a fantastic physical challenge as well as a way to clear your mind and be aware of your body, so I really like it.

Happy New Year everyone!!!