Thursday, December 06, 2007

I love Nutmeg

Wow, I almost forgot about this thing... I'm back in Toronto now, unemployed until January when I start my new job at Pipeline Studios in Oakville. So it's quite relaxing to have so much time, I'm still busy but at least I can get stuff done instead of crazily scheduling it into my non-work hours..... I've been doing a lot of cleaning and wedding planning, got my X-mas shopping done and scored myself a Betsy Johnsohn cocktail dress that was super on sale! I added some straps to it yesterday since there was kind of a worry of popping out of the top of it- It's a strapless dress but has no wires or elastic to really stay on and it needed a bit of help. I'm super excited to see family at Christmas dinner/day, I missed everyone and hopefully this blog has helped keep you all filled in a bit on my life....... Here's the cover I made for my 2007 portfolio (just above) It's a filmstrip with screen shots of shows I've worked on, so there's new Betty stuff in there... But I'm sure you can see that for youself.
No maybe I can get in some sketchin' time before heading back to work....

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