Monday, December 10, 2007


WOW, since I'll be havin' a lot of scannin' to do for the next while, decided to give my old scanner a shot. It's been broken for like a year, last Christmas it crapped out and wouldn't let me scan hand painted X-mas card.... But- miraculously- somehow- today it worked!!! I was able to scan a huge BG that I worked on while in the V-Dot and now I should be able to scan animation as I finish it!! WOO HOO! Was expecting to have to pay a lot of money to fix it or just get a new one..... Hope it keeps working...

Andrea's Yummy X-mas Coffee

Use Eggnog flavoured beans from Second Cup to make coffee at home.
When you put the ground beans into the filter of your coffee maker, add a dash each of ginger and cloves, and a double dash each of nutmeg and cinnamin. Add sugar to taste and milk/soymilk to your brewed coffee and voila! Yummy Christmas Eggnog Coffee. Without the raw egg texture. (It's really doesn't taste so great when you add the spices to the brewed coffee, it smells great but just kinda gets stuck in your throat and sinks to the bottom of your coffee....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I love Nutmeg

Wow, I almost forgot about this thing... I'm back in Toronto now, unemployed until January when I start my new job at Pipeline Studios in Oakville. So it's quite relaxing to have so much time, I'm still busy but at least I can get stuff done instead of crazily scheduling it into my non-work hours..... I've been doing a lot of cleaning and wedding planning, got my X-mas shopping done and scored myself a Betsy Johnsohn cocktail dress that was super on sale! I added some straps to it yesterday since there was kind of a worry of popping out of the top of it- It's a strapless dress but has no wires or elastic to really stay on and it needed a bit of help. I'm super excited to see family at Christmas dinner/day, I missed everyone and hopefully this blog has helped keep you all filled in a bit on my life....... Here's the cover I made for my 2007 portfolio (just above) It's a filmstrip with screen shots of shows I've worked on, so there's new Betty stuff in there... But I'm sure you can see that for youself.
No maybe I can get in some sketchin' time before heading back to work....