Friday, November 23, 2007

Back in the T-Dot!

Hey everyone! I'm back in Toronto, ready to plan my wedding and go X-mas shopping and see all my friends! My flight home was easy and relaxing, no screaming babies or seat kicking. Each of my pieces of checked baggage were right around 54 pounds, the limit is 60 so I brought back lots of junk and didn't have to pay any fees. I'm all excited to see my family at X-mas this year, and tonight I'm heading out for Spence's b-day bash (if my headache doesn't get any worse). My awesome friend Caesar helped me bring all my luggage to his place for my last night in Vancouver so I wouldn't have to spend my last night avoiding conversation with my horrible roomate, and he drove me to the airport in the morning too! There was actually a point a few weeks ago where I blacked out in the apartment in Vancouver. I was just so stressed out, and Trish was telling me some nasty medical horror story, it made me feel naseous and my already low blood pressure dropped, my vision blurred away and I can't remember stumbling from the kitchen to my bedroom where my head smacked into the closet door (metal) and I fell into the closet. SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to be back! Now I can spend time with Stephen and walk around the apartment naked and be able to use all my own furniture without the fear of someone taking money off my deposit for damage done to it before I ever touched it. Yay!

Looking forward to seeing everyone! I have new photos but I'll post them next time :)

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