Friday, November 16, 2007

and now for the true scariest holiday...

Been very busy, working like mad for weeks.... Tomorrow's my last (official) day at work at Atomic, though I'm sure I'll be putting in time on Saturday as well.... I'm on my last scene but it's 15 seconds long.... Anyway, my flight is on Wednesday bright n' early and I'm super excited to come back home... I know I'll miss Vancouver too though... Right now it's a bit overshadowed by the excitement of coming back to Toronto and seeing family (Stephen included), and my friends, planning my wedding, actually living in my own apartment, having my coffee maker and lots of Second Cups about, Queen street window shopping, getting to wear my winter jacket/gloves/scarf/leg warmers/hat (it's COLD here and all I have is some little jean jacket and my sweaters.....

well Halloween's over anyway, and now for the real scariest holiday of the year... CHRISTMAS!!
Here I am done up as Marge on Halloween, went clubbing with Caesar, it's my extremely last minute costume, kind of off model: (but as you can see below I fixed up the images)

Anyway... it's late... and I have one more 12 hour day to go... so signing off



  1. Sweet Costume! It'll be good to have you back in Toronto! See you at Spence's thing!

  2. Mmm Second Cups....what's with Vanshitty only having like one? I miss my Italian soda's damnit!