Sunday, October 21, 2007

That's a Chick's Movie!

hey y'all, sorry for the lack of posts recently. I'm pretty busy these days and being engaged is a big distraction- I'm constantly planning in my head and thinking about it all - watching damn wedding tv on the, the budget, the to do list, when, where, most importantly my dress.... Most girls want a special wedding dress, but I'm extra obsessive, I love dresses and dressing up in general... Turns out Atomic isn't having a Halloween party this year, kinda sucky but I wasn't really feeling like I had the money to get a new costume this year anyway.... Too many recent vacations taken... And that's sad since Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year.... I adoooore dressing up on Halloween... The last few times taking the bus around Toronto or Ottawa on my way to Halloween parties dressed as Sally with black scars painted all over my face was pretty amusing too- In Ottawa I had KT the fairy with me and in Toronto Stephen was all goth-ed up with me.... was great.

I was looking up clips on youtube to try to show/explain my wedding theme to people and I ended up looking for romantic movie clips- what I found was this clip from Sleepless in Seattle, you gotta watch it. It has nothing to do with wedding planning, but it's just hilarious.

Oh ya!! Here's our priest:

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  1. "mawwage" ahehehehe. Man I am SO psyched to see what your dress will look like!
    I am also quite melancholy for it looks like I wont be celebrating Halloween this year which SUCKS as it's my fav holiday too... I have half a costume and no party to half-wear it to, snff. :'(
    In other news, as I haven't gotten to writing that email yet: I is good. Super busy and somewhat stressed, but it's manageable. I'm at Core art designing on Super Readers, sitting right beside our dear mr. Nick Watson! I also got the Iggy comic job, I'm just working on revisions for the first script and the whole comic is due nov 17. augh... AUGH! So much to draw!
    And it's SO hot in this room right now, augh! Have a great week! :D