Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Facebook trubbles and Vancouver fun

I recently joined facebook and I still don't even understand how to use it all...!! And hotmail won't let me do anything right now so I can't even go through a link to see what people have written on my wall! So peoples, don't think I'm ignoring. Here's are some pictures.
our delicious dinner at shabusen!! me being wine-y at the wine show on sunday

my mom with straightened hair at the salon today!!!!


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Those Dumplings look deeee-licious. Also, that dress is fabulous daaahling. (this message was not intended to be creepy)

  2. no not creepy! I luv dresses so it's a good compliment :) Thanks! And the dumplings were sooo yummy too...

  3. That dress is sooo awesome!!! it looks great on u!!!