Friday, September 28, 2007

Vacation Photos - Part 2

My mom with her updo!! The wine show and the updo were her 'belated mother's day' and 'early birthday since I won't get to see her on her birthday' gifts. A double whammy of gift giving as Caesar called it. Isn't she prettyyyyy?? I have more cute pics, but will have to get those later.
mmmm.... shellaced marzipan.... If it wasn't for the shellac I'd have started eating all the decor at the wine show.
Here we are at the wine show
Crazy building in gas town. My mom deliberately shot this one while the bus was passing through since it looked so cool....
After the haircut, at lunch with my mom, she's snapping photos of my new hair.
Well I finally bothered to figure out how to get up a profile pic... but now I don't know how to delete this photo off my blog... so I guess I'm stuck with it... I'm wearing my newly aquired 'fashionista' t-shirt I got free when volunteering at the BC Fashion show this week. It's made of organic cotton and I luv it. Anyway, I've got more photos of my fabulous vacation with my mom from last week... I'll post them another day. Hopefully.

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