Friday, September 28, 2007

Vacation Photos - Part 2

My mom with her updo!! The wine show and the updo were her 'belated mother's day' and 'early birthday since I won't get to see her on her birthday' gifts. A double whammy of gift giving as Caesar called it. Isn't she prettyyyyy?? I have more cute pics, but will have to get those later.
mmmm.... shellaced marzipan.... If it wasn't for the shellac I'd have started eating all the decor at the wine show.
Here we are at the wine show
Crazy building in gas town. My mom deliberately shot this one while the bus was passing through since it looked so cool....
After the haircut, at lunch with my mom, she's snapping photos of my new hair.
Well I finally bothered to figure out how to get up a profile pic... but now I don't know how to delete this photo off my blog... so I guess I'm stuck with it... I'm wearing my newly aquired 'fashionista' t-shirt I got free when volunteering at the BC Fashion show this week. It's made of organic cotton and I luv it. Anyway, I've got more photos of my fabulous vacation with my mom from last week... I'll post them another day. Hopefully.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Facebook trubbles and Vancouver fun

I recently joined facebook and I still don't even understand how to use it all...!! And hotmail won't let me do anything right now so I can't even go through a link to see what people have written on my wall! So peoples, don't think I'm ignoring. Here's are some pictures.
our delicious dinner at shabusen!! me being wine-y at the wine show on sunday

my mom with straightened hair at the salon today!!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Please watch the video found on this site about Facebook:
It talks about how putting information on facebook gives facebook the right to use and redistribute this information in any way, and that they have the right to give your information to third parties. So bascially they can use and profit from any information you post on the site. It is funded by numerous sources, including the US government. A group known as the Information Awareness Office, connected to the funders of Facebook, has the purpose of collecting as much information about as many people as possible in a centralized location. Facebook also collects information about members from other sources, e.g. newspapers and magazines, regardless of a members use of the site.

What do you think????? I'm not really sure what to think, I want to join facebook but I've held off for reasons like this.... plus.... I'm not really an online personality.... I hate that feeling when you get online and suddenly you realise hours have passed and you didn't really mean for that to happen.... I also don't like to share a whole lot of information about myself online, it just feels too scary for people to easily access a ton of information about you...

But I feel like I'm missing out since so so many of my friends have signed up and they all keep in contact that way and even invite each other to events, all through facebook. So I don't get invited to things now that I'm not part of facebook? I have an e-mail address....

The people I talk to about this sort of thing, usually they say "so?". They don't care if the site has the ability to use their information and pass it on to third parties. It just feels like Facebook uses it's members.... and that doesn't seem cool to me....

Think I'll get back to work and go inline skating....

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I edited one of the Cartoonapaluau photos.... since Steve couldn't make it out that night...

I already have a Halloween costume idea................................

Sunday, September 02, 2007