Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Photos of Vancouver!!

International Fireworks competition - I watched a couple nights of it from the beach
The first time I went ot third beach i took these photos, amazing workout boy (see in the red circle) was there... Janis did you put that vid on youtube yet?
About to eat my delicious homemade veggie burger!! It was made with a lot of yams, so I call it a yamburger. Steve n me are planning to write a cookbook together so when that gets done, this will make it in there...
Out of the oven! Yum leftovers!
A house right beside where I live, the man living there has really been sprucing up his garden recently... Not that it wasn't already beautiful...
The band Finding Friday, my friend Andrew is the bass, caught them a litle while ago at the Lamp. Very good night!

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  1. Hey Andrea! Hope things are well in Vancouver! Great pictures. I wish we had cool firework competitions here. Nice Iggy shots too. I hear that *if* season 2 happens, it will be around April. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog too. Hopefully we'll get to work together again.