Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Calling all layout artists!

As for the title of this entry.... any layout artists out there looking to collaborate on a short film? (So ya, work for free, out of the love of drawing) I'm just curious... The film I've got underway right now, it's taking for-E-ver to get all the aspects of the film done, and I really just wanna animate! Layout is not my calling.... (PS., not ready to start a new project anytime soon)

Hey all! I've been dying to update my blog for awhile now, but I can rarely seem to get a wireless signal at home and internet no longer working on my computer at work! Plus there's an intern sitting at the public workstation all the time now at work.... bah

I finally got my demo reel material from Iggy!! (see above the 3 fun screen shots) I'll have to put that all together and spruce up my demo reel... I should have some Betty stuff soon enough as well...

Annnnnd in October I get a visit from Stephen! Very excited. Need to get the rest of my family out here for a visit....

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  1. hey saw your blog while I was searching something for Atomic Betty. It's awesome that you worked on Iggy I like that show!!!