Saturday, July 14, 2007

Java for fuel

Hello again, it's been awhile... Internet doesn't work for me at work anymore, I can hop on a public computer but that's all... I haven't asked to get it fixed in the hopes that I am less distracted by the internet while at work. And last weekend I felt terrible, had a headache all weekend so I couldn't make it out to a cafe.

I was talking with some friends at work about the kinds of coffee we prefer, and how there are too many Starbucks around... I asked if either of them had ever been to a Second Cup, they said no. There aren't very many around here.... Not like in Toronto!! I found a little one online, underground in a food court and got up early the following morning to hike out there and get some java for myself and my friends to try. I really enjoyed the coffee that I got... When I finally stepped up to the Second Cup, it felt like I had stepped back into Ontario. Now I have a craving to keep going back! It`s good coffee and not Starbucks and full of lovely nostalgia... I got up early the following morning and hiked out there again.... This time I brought my camera: It takes 20-25 minutes to walk to work. To get to Second Cup and then to work, takes 50 minutes of walking. The walk is nice... I like getting up early.... It's so worth it....
I thought it would be funny to show people what I eat for lunches most days.... I think of it as bachelor chow.... but better than the Futurama kind... Mine has flavour. And it's healthy. I basically just mix up batches of veggies and/or tofu cubes and/or cheese and/or beans and/or rice and mix it with combinations of ketchup, maple syrup, peanut butter, stir fry sauce, mustard... whatever suits. Above is, mixed veggies, chick peans, tofu, cheddar cheese and avacado hearts with ketchup. I feel like anyone who looks into my food dish should feel nausious, but it actually tastes good and people at work seem to think it looks ok...... It's just so EASY to make and cheap too....
Here is a pretty cool looking apt I saw on the way to Second Cup. This one is a PARKING LOT.... pretty nice parking lot, with a palm tree in the middle and the floor all done in brick... It's not a public lot mind you...
And here's another cool looking apt close to my home. It's pretty funky, with three sort of rectangular parts fused together and all the balconies have those circular railings.... Maybe a little hard to see but cool when you're there...

Ok, time to go home and do some work. Made it out to a magazine third issue launch party last night and this afternoon going to a BBQ on the beach. Gotta get in a bit of work at home... And oh yah, like I posted yesterday, I finished paying off my student loan yesterday!!!!! Feels pretty good.

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  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Hey Andrea!
    Hope your havin' a good time out there :) I'm definately going to make a trip out one day, so we will have to hang out. How you liking the job? I'm learning Maya at the moment. It's a bastard.