Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sleepy Saturday

Not much time for a post today.... It was a grey rainy day today and I am still recoving from a cold that knocked me out all last weekend, I had NO energy.... Mostly it's my throat that is still recovering now (ribbit) but I guess my energy levels are not quite back to normal and the grey morning encouraged me to nap today.... so.... with a lot of the day gone I am here online mailing people and looking up the club I'm going to tonight etc., I wanted to do some coffee shop sketching but have little time left.... soon I will go home and dress up and head out. I will be taking a bus for the first time in Vancouver today, how exciting! My irish cream coffee that I got here is pretty yummy, it smells like coconut... yummm.... I miss everyone in Ontario, if I haven't gotten around to mailing anyone I'm sorry.... I am slowly getting around to contacting everyone... And Lucia! I am sorry I haven't mailed you.... I miss you too but... At least I update my blog now! Ok enuf apologies. Enjoy these photos, I will try to get to drawing. Oh and an early HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dads I know.... sorry I am not there to take you to tea!!
luv, Andrea

The killer soup Trish made, LOADED with veggies n beans, very tasty, she shared it with me!
Lih's new haircut, he is trying to turn into a monkey

And the back

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