Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I recently found a wicked artist's site with a bunch of caricatures of famous people, they were just so good! So I was inspired to try a few which felt good since I haven't been drawing a whole lot recently. I'm pretty new to the world of caricature.... These 3 celebs had the biggest photos in the gossipy section of a local newspaper the day I drew them. Miss Hilton
Mariah Carey

Isaiah Washington
Here's the beginning of an attempt to paint digitally.... It's unfinished, not sure if I will finish it, but I think I will pick up some speed and maybe some new tricks by trying some more digital painting...

There are a lot of nice cars in Vancouver. And a few funky ones. I saw one that was plastered, every inch of space, with toys. Glued right to the car, like lunch boxes and doll and cars... I took a photo with my cel phone so I'll have to see about getting that online at some point.
i like this one
This is the area I stepped into when I got off the Skytrain at Burrard station. I guess it's a monorail.... like a subway bus in the sky! Pretty nice bus stop I'd say...

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