Sunday, June 17, 2007

life is good

Nothing like getting home and putting on your softest, comfiest sweater and pair of pants after a night of short tight leather skirt over fishnets with heels..... ahhh.... In the cafe again, wearing 'weekend clothes' enjoying a french vanilla coffee in my Blenz thermos. On my way home today I picked up some animation paper, so I'm very excited about that.... I want to get drawing and animating so badly.... Last night I went to the sailing club, the most fun night out of dancing I've done since being here.... There was a live ska band for most of the night and then loud dance music which was brilliant to dance to.... I went with Lih and we met up with Meghan and Laurent and found a few other people we knew... I took more photos since yesterday but I'll have to get them posted next time. I've been starting to draw a bit... I have an idea to produce an animated short film in a restricted amount of time, maybe a month (???) and then challege other people to do the same..... I guess a month is a very small amount of time to produce a film, especially when you already have a full time job... Maybe I could do it if I was unemployed. Oh well. I'll animate anyway. I'm going to do draw. Happy Father's Day dad and Andrew! (and Bill and David) luv, Andrea
enjoy the robot of the day

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