Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cartoonpalooza !!!

Thursday night was Cartoonpalooza 8 and it was such a blast.... I ended up getting a bit of a headache so I missed out on some dancing... but still, dressed all up and had lots of fun.... Here's how I ended up looking:
When Thursday had rolled around, I still hadn't made a trip to get any red ribbon for the bow on the back of the top, I was advised to go to Dressew, a huge sewing/costume making place. I trekked it out there on my lunch on Thursday (day of palooza) and was hoping to find some cheapie dollar store extensions along the way... just cuz I wanted the long blonde hair, I knew it would look kinda crummy, I was going to tie my hair into 2 buns and spray paint it all yellow, I even bought some temp hair colour, it even worked and washed out, I tested it in advance. It seemed to rub off if you touched it though, so I wasn't allowed to be horrified if it got on my costume... anyway, got to dressew, and found.............. a fucking sailor moon wig. I could not believe it. Ten bucks. So ya I got it and found some little moon shapes to add to my earrings and tiara as well. Hilarious. That's Anita next to me in the picture above, she works at Atomic too and Mac, she did all the girls make up and made them extra gorgeous!
Here's a bunch of us at Anita's, I didn't realise it was meant to be a 'serious' picture.
Anita doing Alicia's makeup.... see the rainbow thing going on on her eyelids?? Kawaiiiiii!!!!
walking to The Cellar.... good silly fun to walk around downtown dressed up like this
It's Jenn(ifer) and Paddy!! They and Kyla are the ones I was speaking to from Atomic before coming out to BC..... All supa nice. Paddy's hair is actually long and brunette, she got it all in that blonde wig somehow.... looks like her hair to me... Before I found my Sailor wig I tried on a couple blonde ones, it made me feel like Britney Spears! It's actually pretty fun to wear a wig, it makes you feel and look so different....
Here's Anita and the infamous Caesar... He takes pictures of everything and is super nice... Somehow someone got the camera out of his hands to take this pic of him...More hooliginary... You can see the sexy Cartoonapalooza poster on the wall behind us

Well... I have more pics.... but I think I'll post 'em next time around, Blogger is being a pain.... I heard my uncle Bill is a fan of my blog, I find that so nice!! I'm so used the the blog thing, all my artsy friends do it since you can post artwork (not that I have recently) but I guess other less artsy people aren't so into it..... It's a wicked way to post photos and keep in touch I think.... Which is so important to me now that I'm lving so far away... I've never done the facebook or myspace thing.... And now I'm off to find some dinner and watch some rented movies

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