Saturday, June 30, 2007

gorgeous days in Vancouver

It's been a little while, hasn't it?

Can't disappoint Bill, must update! I did a sketch recently that made me very happy, here it is:
Doesn't look like much, but it's important... It's a rough sketch of how I want the background in the second act of a film I'm working on to look. I tell people I'm working on it often enough, but rarely show anything from it... I brought home a (very) rough version of the leica last Christmas and Bill had a look at it, I know he was very interested in seeing it and the idea of the piece, but... the leica was so stick-person-y...and hard to understand... I ended up revamping the entire thing with nicer/clearer drawings.... but... still don't tend to show it off...... That whole thing about feeling like you're heading in the right direction with your work and then you show it to people and they have feedback, (which is brilliant) and so often they have so many good things to point out that you just want to start over.... which is 'good' for your piece, but then it never seems to progress since you're forever obsessing over 'getting it perfect'...... Uhhh... so maybe in a few weeks I'll stick my leica up on you tube or something.... not today....

I stumbled accross a street sale on the weekend and there was a woman with a massive table of amazing jewelery, so so much stuff, a lot of funky 60's plactic and 50's dress up stuff.... I ended up getting 3 necklaces for $12, that's all the money I had on me at the time so she let me get the 3, a great deal! Just below is the world's most amazing necklace, it's massive and green, made of coconut and shells with these two huge parrots on it.... Knew I'd never see anything like it again, had to get it:And here's an antique one from the 50's, choker style. Luvs it. Got some pearls too, you can just imagine those.And here is the cute card my mom just sent me after I sent her a postcard a little while ago... It's pretty sweet... Little does she know I've already sent her another postcard from the Monet to Dali exhibit.
The (Monet to Dali) exhibit was flat out amazing... I was floored and incredibly inspired to crack down on getting some of my own work done... There were so many works by many artists spanning the impressionist period to modern art. So I've kinda been a loner recently, sort of sad to not hang out with friends quite as much, but I'm glad to have a little bit of time to work on my own stuff. I'll post more as I get it done.

Pixar.... has this way of making you 'I can't wait to see their next flick' before you've even seen the one they've got showing in theaters.... There was a tiny little teaser for WALL-E ( before Ratatouille ( and DAMMIT I already really wanna see it!!!!!!! I heard a while back that it would be dialogue free.... Very interesting.... As for Ratatouille, I LOVED it!! Was brilliant. It was really funny sometimes during the film in the way that, it was almost impossible to go along with it- like- believing in Remy controlling Luigi in a way that Luigi really couldn't control himself against Remy.... and... well.... the rats were all so intelligent.... I do think they made it work though, I think the filmmakers knew they were taking the audience for a ride and were able to keep the distance smartly enough, like how Luigi couldn't even believe himself for talking to a Rat.... Anyways, just go see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's charming, funny, intelligent, gorgeous, amazing.......... I will be going back at least once before it's out of theaters. I wish I could take Trish, but she's disgusted by rats and can't stand to look.

I'm going to try and learn French. I subscribed to an online e-mail course the other day, (it's free) and today I headed out to Chapters to pick up some more materials.... Got a 2 DVD set of -lessons for beginners, a verb book and a french-english dictionary. Someday I'll get out to Paris and paint for a while........ Gonna take Steve and mom if they'll go with me.
Ok, time to go, I love the Irish cream coffee at Blenz (smells like coconut) but the Vanilla and Hazelnut have turned out to be vile. Next time something different.
xo, Andrea

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Iggy Arbuckle

Hello loved ones! The show I worked on in Toronto, Iggy Arbuckle, will soon hit the airwaves for your viewing pleasure. (On Teletoon) catch a sneak peak on Friday June 29 at 4pm and then it's on Monday to Thursday at 8:30am and 4pm, Friday at 8:30am, and Sat at 11:30am and 4pm. So watch an episdoe!! And hopefully this link works properly, it should take you to a Teletoon page and play the intro to Iggy. If you go to Teletoons website you can click 'TV' and then 'I' on the keyboard and eventually find yourself looking at info about Iggy and I found a clip of the show and the intro. I'd post a link but it won't work, here's teletoons page at least:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cool Animation...stuff

Been doing more caricatures but don't have any snaps to post at the moment... Watch these cool animations I found on you tube!
rough test animation for Ratatoille
a cool stop-motion animation done on a whiteboard.
rough animation of Doppler from Treasure Planet
the cal arts song - apparently

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I recently found a wicked artist's site with a bunch of caricatures of famous people, they were just so good! So I was inspired to try a few which felt good since I haven't been drawing a whole lot recently. I'm pretty new to the world of caricature.... These 3 celebs had the biggest photos in the gossipy section of a local newspaper the day I drew them. Miss Hilton
Mariah Carey

Isaiah Washington
Here's the beginning of an attempt to paint digitally.... It's unfinished, not sure if I will finish it, but I think I will pick up some speed and maybe some new tricks by trying some more digital painting...

There are a lot of nice cars in Vancouver. And a few funky ones. I saw one that was plastered, every inch of space, with toys. Glued right to the car, like lunch boxes and doll and cars... I took a photo with my cel phone so I'll have to see about getting that online at some point.
i like this one
This is the area I stepped into when I got off the Skytrain at Burrard station. I guess it's a monorail.... like a subway bus in the sky! Pretty nice bus stop I'd say...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

life is good

Nothing like getting home and putting on your softest, comfiest sweater and pair of pants after a night of short tight leather skirt over fishnets with heels..... ahhh.... In the cafe again, wearing 'weekend clothes' enjoying a french vanilla coffee in my Blenz thermos. On my way home today I picked up some animation paper, so I'm very excited about that.... I want to get drawing and animating so badly.... Last night I went to the sailing club, the most fun night out of dancing I've done since being here.... There was a live ska band for most of the night and then loud dance music which was brilliant to dance to.... I went with Lih and we met up with Meghan and Laurent and found a few other people we knew... I took more photos since yesterday but I'll have to get them posted next time. I've been starting to draw a bit... I have an idea to produce an animated short film in a restricted amount of time, maybe a month (???) and then challege other people to do the same..... I guess a month is a very small amount of time to produce a film, especially when you already have a full time job... Maybe I could do it if I was unemployed. Oh well. I'll animate anyway. I'm going to do draw. Happy Father's Day dad and Andrew! (and Bill and David) luv, Andrea
enjoy the robot of the day

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sleepy Saturday

Not much time for a post today.... It was a grey rainy day today and I am still recoving from a cold that knocked me out all last weekend, I had NO energy.... Mostly it's my throat that is still recovering now (ribbit) but I guess my energy levels are not quite back to normal and the grey morning encouraged me to nap today.... so.... with a lot of the day gone I am here online mailing people and looking up the club I'm going to tonight etc., I wanted to do some coffee shop sketching but have little time left.... soon I will go home and dress up and head out. I will be taking a bus for the first time in Vancouver today, how exciting! My irish cream coffee that I got here is pretty yummy, it smells like coconut... yummm.... I miss everyone in Ontario, if I haven't gotten around to mailing anyone I'm sorry.... I am slowly getting around to contacting everyone... And Lucia! I am sorry I haven't mailed you.... I miss you too but... At least I update my blog now! Ok enuf apologies. Enjoy these photos, I will try to get to drawing. Oh and an early HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the dads I know.... sorry I am not there to take you to tea!!
luv, Andrea

The killer soup Trish made, LOADED with veggies n beans, very tasty, she shared it with me!
Lih's new haircut, he is trying to turn into a monkey

And the back

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cartoonpalooza !!!

Thursday night was Cartoonpalooza 8 and it was such a blast.... I ended up getting a bit of a headache so I missed out on some dancing... but still, dressed all up and had lots of fun.... Here's how I ended up looking:
When Thursday had rolled around, I still hadn't made a trip to get any red ribbon for the bow on the back of the top, I was advised to go to Dressew, a huge sewing/costume making place. I trekked it out there on my lunch on Thursday (day of palooza) and was hoping to find some cheapie dollar store extensions along the way... just cuz I wanted the long blonde hair, I knew it would look kinda crummy, I was going to tie my hair into 2 buns and spray paint it all yellow, I even bought some temp hair colour, it even worked and washed out, I tested it in advance. It seemed to rub off if you touched it though, so I wasn't allowed to be horrified if it got on my costume... anyway, got to dressew, and found.............. a fucking sailor moon wig. I could not believe it. Ten bucks. So ya I got it and found some little moon shapes to add to my earrings and tiara as well. Hilarious. That's Anita next to me in the picture above, she works at Atomic too and Mac, she did all the girls make up and made them extra gorgeous!
Here's a bunch of us at Anita's, I didn't realise it was meant to be a 'serious' picture.
Anita doing Alicia's makeup.... see the rainbow thing going on on her eyelids?? Kawaiiiiii!!!!
walking to The Cellar.... good silly fun to walk around downtown dressed up like this
It's Jenn(ifer) and Paddy!! They and Kyla are the ones I was speaking to from Atomic before coming out to BC..... All supa nice. Paddy's hair is actually long and brunette, she got it all in that blonde wig somehow.... looks like her hair to me... Before I found my Sailor wig I tried on a couple blonde ones, it made me feel like Britney Spears! It's actually pretty fun to wear a wig, it makes you feel and look so different....
Here's Anita and the infamous Caesar... He takes pictures of everything and is super nice... Somehow someone got the camera out of his hands to take this pic of him...More hooliginary... You can see the sexy Cartoonapalooza poster on the wall behind us

Well... I have more pics.... but I think I'll post 'em next time around, Blogger is being a pain.... I heard my uncle Bill is a fan of my blog, I find that so nice!! I'm so used the the blog thing, all my artsy friends do it since you can post artwork (not that I have recently) but I guess other less artsy people aren't so into it..... It's a wicked way to post photos and keep in touch I think.... Which is so important to me now that I'm lving so far away... I've never done the facebook or myspace thing.... And now I'm off to find some dinner and watch some rented movies

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hanging out in the V-Dot

Got out The Red Room last night with Lih and Mina to see Menomenah.... Menomenah was really good too, I loved their music... Hey Dan, I was wishing you could be there, I bet you would have liked the music. I took some videos of them and I'll have to see if they sound ok...

I've been exploring Vancouver the past couple weeks, I found a spot on Main street that I love... There's a clothing store there called Ark that I found with Lih last weekend and since went back twice... They had a massive sale yesterday so I had to go back.... Then a couple doors down is Burcu's Angels, a fucking awesome vintage clothing place... I needed some stuff for my Cartoonpalooza costume and when someone started to help me look for items I felt a little embarassed to tell them what I needed was for a costume... But she (Alicia) was so excited to help me, I realised that that is exactly what they are all about there, dressing up!!! It's like Halloween everyday. I loves it. Cartoonpalooza is this Thursday the 7th and it's Japanese themed dress up.... Caesar and I ran all around town looking to rent the disc of the Simpsons with the Mr. Sparkle ad to put in a show of Japanese themed clips to show there.... My costume is really coming together too, I am going to go as Sailor Moon..... I am so excited! I was especially excited about some white high heeled boots I picked up, only to realise when I got home that Sailor Moons boots are red. Gawdammit........
There's one more store in the area I luvv, called The Petri Dish. Morbid but cute local art.... They have a lot of cool stuff, I really like the Booby Dolls and the pins the best. Their site:

On Wednesday I made it out to Revolution with Casesar and Justin and crew, to see some of Caesars DJ friends. It was a wicked show but after a couple hours it got so packed and all the boys there flailed their elbows fucking everywhere as they all shoved past.... Geeze..... Caesar was great tho, slapping the tables to the beat of the music and losing his mind at every track change... Taking photos of EVERYTHING. I am going to try and bring my camera around more often.... It seems a pain to carry, but I often wish I had it....

The sexy stage at The Red Room The sexy bar at The Red RoomHere's a weird one of me..... it was dark so it was weird to take photos

Here I tried to get a group shot and Mina refuses to not cover her pretty face in photos, (gawd) and Lih is making her feel better by covering up too

The view on the Cambie bridge heading to Main street Further along....
And coming back on Main Street the lovely mountain view. I love all the signs and ugly city crap in front of the mountains, such a clash...

My internet still won't work at my apartment, I honestly wonder if Trish will ever get it fixed..... So I end up heading into coffee shops and I gotta get a coffee and trek out with my laptop everytime I wanna use the net... Kinda foolish... Janice, sorry I couldn't e-mail you yesterday....!!! blarg

And here's the robot of the day!!! You can pick up a replica of him at Ark. I wants one. (I love robots.) I actually have a new film idea that invloves robots..........