Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nights out with Atomic

Friday night out with Atomic was so much fun! It was brilliant to get to know everyone that way.... I showed up at The Celler and said I'm here to meet people from Atomic and they handed me 3 drink coupons! I figured it would be like a sit down and buy appetizers n drinks type thing but Atomic had rented out the whole bar and everyone was meandering around and drinking and talking.... There was a kareoke maching, tons of food, a disco ball, a dj.... People were taking lots of pictures so I'll have to get some later....

So then on Sat night Caesar asked me out to an art show and a bunch of his friends showed up so I met even more peoples.... The work was by Camilla d Errico.... Camilla and Avril Lavigne collaberated on a graphic novel.... you can watch a music video featuring her artowk here:
and Camilla's website:

Anyway.... more pictures!

Here's the goodbye card KT made for me!! Very cute and thoughtful

Here's where I work from the outside
A roundabout I see on the way home.... with a palm tree!!! There are actually a lot of them here. I luv palm trees

A view from the pathway I skate on


  1. Wow Andrea! BC looks amazing! I'm so happy for you! You're gonna have an AWESOME six months... I feel like I should totally have made the trek out there too, hehehe; as Justin said, he just couldn't comprehend that it'd be possible for you and me to be working in different studios.
    Take lots of pictures! I'll definetly keep popping back to check out new posts! :)
    ~ Kt

  2. Hey there Andrea,
    I'm so glad that you're haveing such a great time in B.C. It feels weird to have you so far away, even though we don't see eachother that often :(. I hope that you continue to love everything.
    Steph <3
    (the cousin)

  3. Andrea!! Photos look great! Im so impressed that you just made the choice to go out there and then BAM your out there. A big move! Van city looks great! Good luck out there!