Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nice Weather over Here

The weather has been amazing since I got here, hasn't rained once and it's been moderate and sunny. I walk to work each day and it's lovely.

The few days I had after moving and before starting work were incredibly relaxing... I feel completely refreshed and now I have lots of energy for my new job!

If anyone (I know) is heading out to Vancouver, lemme know!

New pair 'o sandals I picked up.... on sale!

'an here's a pic of Trish's dog, his name is Teddy. He's a sweet dog but he's camera shy, this is the only one I got of him so far, he likes to run away when you break out the camera. Usually he's not this sad looking....

Haven't been doing much artwise recently.... sucks since I couldn't bring along my light table and what I've done so far on the film I'm working on... the ruf animation and layouts etc. are all in a pile at home.... I worked a bit on colour schemes last night anyway, the bottom one (the beach) is the one I worked on last night and the other two I did a while ago.... Still in ruf stages

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