Sunday, May 27, 2007

Exploring Vancouver

I'm been mad exploring Vancouver this weekend, I got out to Stanley Park and figured out a lot of new areas and streets, I even got to see Studio B! My internet situation is still stupid, it's not working at home and it's hard to find the time to update when I can only drop into coffee shops with wireless access.... I took some new photos today so I'll post 'em next time. Today I picked up a new sketchbook and I want to get drawing... So hopefully I have some drawrings soon too...

I went (inline) skating through Stanley Park yesterday and it is sooooo beautiful there!!!! I was thinking that I really wanna get a bike since a lot of roads and some paths around here are sorta uphill/downhill and not paved smoothly and made with bricks or stones, very unenjoyable to skate on.... But in the past 2 days I've found lots to skate on so I'm not as diehard for a bike anymore....

Before heading to Lih's plate to play poker on Friday night, (which was really fun) him and I and a bunch of other peoples went to have burritos at a place called Budgies, there were like one of the best things I've ever eaten!! I will have to get another burrito and make it digital and put it on my blog so everyone can enjoy one.

I'm glad to hear back from everyone I've been e-mailing! Sorry if I haven't responded yet, just really busy here... I'll keep up on the blog and keep trying to mail everyone, eventually....

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Colours of Vancouver

Here are some flowers I see on the way to work. My internet connection keeps failing so I can't post anymore right now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nice Weather over Here

The weather has been amazing since I got here, hasn't rained once and it's been moderate and sunny. I walk to work each day and it's lovely.

The few days I had after moving and before starting work were incredibly relaxing... I feel completely refreshed and now I have lots of energy for my new job!

If anyone (I know) is heading out to Vancouver, lemme know!

New pair 'o sandals I picked up.... on sale!

'an here's a pic of Trish's dog, his name is Teddy. He's a sweet dog but he's camera shy, this is the only one I got of him so far, he likes to run away when you break out the camera. Usually he's not this sad looking....

Haven't been doing much artwise recently.... sucks since I couldn't bring along my light table and what I've done so far on the film I'm working on... the ruf animation and layouts etc. are all in a pile at home.... I worked a bit on colour schemes last night anyway, the bottom one (the beach) is the one I worked on last night and the other two I did a while ago.... Still in ruf stages

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nights out with Atomic

Friday night out with Atomic was so much fun! It was brilliant to get to know everyone that way.... I showed up at The Celler and said I'm here to meet people from Atomic and they handed me 3 drink coupons! I figured it would be like a sit down and buy appetizers n drinks type thing but Atomic had rented out the whole bar and everyone was meandering around and drinking and talking.... There was a kareoke maching, tons of food, a disco ball, a dj.... People were taking lots of pictures so I'll have to get some later....

So then on Sat night Caesar asked me out to an art show and a bunch of his friends showed up so I met even more peoples.... The work was by Camilla d Errico.... Camilla and Avril Lavigne collaberated on a graphic novel.... you can watch a music video featuring her artowk here:
and Camilla's website:

Anyway.... more pictures!

Here's the goodbye card KT made for me!! Very cute and thoughtful

Here's where I work from the outside
A roundabout I see on the way home.... with a palm tree!!! There are actually a lot of them here. I luv palm trees

A view from the pathway I skate on

Friday, May 11, 2007

In Vancouver... my new home!

Hi everyone! I’m sitting in a cafĂ© with my laptop in Vancouver, BC right now. I got here Wednesday afternoon and since then I’ve been exploring the city and taking it easy. I just wrote a whole long blog entry and then blogger crapped out on me… I went into Atomic Cartoons for my meet n’ greet session today. Everyone I met was really nice and the studio feels very comfortable. It’s a bit small, it seems like a ‘family’ studio where you get to know everyone and the studio really tries to put out some good stuff. They invited me out tonight to some pub, it’s a wrap up party for another show that’s just coming to an end. So hopefully I can get to meet some people!!

My new roommate is Trish. She’s super nice and she’s really helped me to feel comfortable in my new home. She shows me around the neighbourhood. Her apartment is furnished with all her stuff, it’s not like Ikea furniture, it’s all the stuff she’s collected over the years, so there’s a lot of stuff around, and some of the furniture is antique looking type stuff… Cool old chairs and plush couches.. She think I look like Jennifer Love Hewitt which is kinda funny… She loves walking around and she spends a lot of time with her dog Teddy.

On the first day I was here I went kinda crazy taking photos of everything so a bunch of my photos look kinda blue as the sun was setting… Here are some snaps:

Here's a view of my apartment at dusk (above). It's surrounded by trees, flower and plants, just like all of Vancouver is... It's like a huge garden everywhere! The apt is next to Stanley park and a roller blading path along the ocean is a 2 minute walk away...

When I step out of the lobby, this is the house I see. There isn't a road dividing us, but a stone walkway just for pedestrians. Most of the area I live in is residential, a lot of funky apartments, condos and houses...

Here's a shot of my bedroom

And another snap

Kinda dark photo... but here's the living room

le room de dining

From the living room window to the left you see this view, complete with mountains in the background..... it's looks nicer when you're actually there I think...And from the same window to the right.... you can see the water... The skate path is that way

I'll post more Vancouver stuff later. But for now, have a look at the wrapping paper I made for the gift I gave Stephen on his birthday!
The front says: The David Boreanaz Spiderman Special Fantasy Collection. He likes the show Angel and since it ended and we've watched all the episodes I got him something else to go it it's place, the first season of Bones (another show with David in it) And I found a cool retro Spiderman birthday card and got him tix to see Spidy in Imax. I think the wrapping paper was a little more embarassing than intended but that's ok. I left him behind in the T-Dot and won't get to see him for 6 months! Or any on else I know for that matter though my mom is supermega excited to visit me and maybe Andrew too.....