Monday, December 10, 2007


WOW, since I'll be havin' a lot of scannin' to do for the next while, decided to give my old scanner a shot. It's been broken for like a year, last Christmas it crapped out and wouldn't let me scan hand painted X-mas card.... But- miraculously- somehow- today it worked!!! I was able to scan a huge BG that I worked on while in the V-Dot and now I should be able to scan animation as I finish it!! WOO HOO! Was expecting to have to pay a lot of money to fix it or just get a new one..... Hope it keeps working...

Andrea's Yummy X-mas Coffee

Use Eggnog flavoured beans from Second Cup to make coffee at home.
When you put the ground beans into the filter of your coffee maker, add a dash each of ginger and cloves, and a double dash each of nutmeg and cinnamin. Add sugar to taste and milk/soymilk to your brewed coffee and voila! Yummy Christmas Eggnog Coffee. Without the raw egg texture. (It's really doesn't taste so great when you add the spices to the brewed coffee, it smells great but just kinda gets stuck in your throat and sinks to the bottom of your coffee....

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I love Nutmeg

Wow, I almost forgot about this thing... I'm back in Toronto now, unemployed until January when I start my new job at Pipeline Studios in Oakville. So it's quite relaxing to have so much time, I'm still busy but at least I can get stuff done instead of crazily scheduling it into my non-work hours..... I've been doing a lot of cleaning and wedding planning, got my X-mas shopping done and scored myself a Betsy Johnsohn cocktail dress that was super on sale! I added some straps to it yesterday since there was kind of a worry of popping out of the top of it- It's a strapless dress but has no wires or elastic to really stay on and it needed a bit of help. I'm super excited to see family at Christmas dinner/day, I missed everyone and hopefully this blog has helped keep you all filled in a bit on my life....... Here's the cover I made for my 2007 portfolio (just above) It's a filmstrip with screen shots of shows I've worked on, so there's new Betty stuff in there... But I'm sure you can see that for youself.
No maybe I can get in some sketchin' time before heading back to work....

Friday, November 23, 2007

Back in the T-Dot!

Hey everyone! I'm back in Toronto, ready to plan my wedding and go X-mas shopping and see all my friends! My flight home was easy and relaxing, no screaming babies or seat kicking. Each of my pieces of checked baggage were right around 54 pounds, the limit is 60 so I brought back lots of junk and didn't have to pay any fees. I'm all excited to see my family at X-mas this year, and tonight I'm heading out for Spence's b-day bash (if my headache doesn't get any worse). My awesome friend Caesar helped me bring all my luggage to his place for my last night in Vancouver so I wouldn't have to spend my last night avoiding conversation with my horrible roomate, and he drove me to the airport in the morning too! There was actually a point a few weeks ago where I blacked out in the apartment in Vancouver. I was just so stressed out, and Trish was telling me some nasty medical horror story, it made me feel naseous and my already low blood pressure dropped, my vision blurred away and I can't remember stumbling from the kitchen to my bedroom where my head smacked into the closet door (metal) and I fell into the closet. SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to be back! Now I can spend time with Stephen and walk around the apartment naked and be able to use all my own furniture without the fear of someone taking money off my deposit for damage done to it before I ever touched it. Yay!

Looking forward to seeing everyone! I have new photos but I'll post them next time :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

and now for the true scariest holiday...

Been very busy, working like mad for weeks.... Tomorrow's my last (official) day at work at Atomic, though I'm sure I'll be putting in time on Saturday as well.... I'm on my last scene but it's 15 seconds long.... Anyway, my flight is on Wednesday bright n' early and I'm super excited to come back home... I know I'll miss Vancouver too though... Right now it's a bit overshadowed by the excitement of coming back to Toronto and seeing family (Stephen included), and my friends, planning my wedding, actually living in my own apartment, having my coffee maker and lots of Second Cups about, Queen street window shopping, getting to wear my winter jacket/gloves/scarf/leg warmers/hat (it's COLD here and all I have is some little jean jacket and my sweaters.....

well Halloween's over anyway, and now for the real scariest holiday of the year... CHRISTMAS!!
Here I am done up as Marge on Halloween, went clubbing with Caesar, it's my extremely last minute costume, kind of off model: (but as you can see below I fixed up the images)

Anyway... it's late... and I have one more 12 hour day to go... so signing off


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Belated Halloween!

I've been meaning to post since Halloween but I'm waiting for Halloween pics.... I ended up doing a last minute costume and went as Marge Simpson. I love her... I went dancing at The Modern with Caesar and it was good times. The DJ's who played were probably my favourite that I've heard in Vancouver, awesome stuff.

Well, hopefully I get those pics soon! I don't think my costume was very true to character, but still, I am wearing a green tube dress and a crazy blue wig so... still fun.

I've pretty much been working super lots and watching Marie Antoinette and Season 1 of The Simpsons.... I'm done at Atomic on the 16th and heading back to the T-Dot on the 21st. I'm excited to come back for sure, but also going to miss Vancouver. I made so many good friends here, that's the part I'll miss the most. I'm having a goodbye thing before I go, so hopefully lots of people can make it and I can see them all one last time before I go...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

blah in Vancouver

I am finding the idea of planning a wedding to be almost as insane as my current roomate. I've got a killer headache this weekend so I'm cooped up in the apartment deciding whether to watch more music videos on youtube, look at wedding gowns online, to take another nap, to eat or do some work... It's kinda been me bouncing back and forth from these options since Friday, I ended up taking Friday off, headache was waaay to horrible for me to go to work...

Being engaged is kinda strange... it feels like it becomes a whole part of your identity and everyone talks about it (not that I don't want to) but.... It's like being a student and everytime you see someone you haven't caught up with in a little while they say 'so how's school going?' and now it's 'let me see the ring' or 'where are you getting married' and I'm sure that these questions will eventually stop getting asked, but then it will be some other wedding question... and then it will be 'how's married life'..... No one has to stop asking the questions, that's not what I'm saying! it's just.... interesting to get used to....... To suddenly have this new 'status' or to be at a different stage of life in a day... I went to school for 16 years and half a year of kindergarten.... (I quit kindergarden `cuz I didn`t like it) Must be crAzy when you get pregnant....

I found a spot for grooms and groomsmen to blog about wedding planning at the, it's pretty damn funny.... I found one blogger named drewlloyd, he descibes the purpose of his blog as "I am married (with the Knot's help) and want you to know how ridiculous planning our wedding was." His interests are basketball, not planning weddings, television, travel and writing. Here's his blog: Reading from a guy's perspective the idea of attending a wedding show or purchasing the invites is a scream... I also love (click the 'Brangelina' link on the left column) the entry he writes about inviting Brad and Jen to his wedding.

I am very excited to marry Stephen of course, I love him, but it's nice to read about other people's wedding planning experiences and find humour in it all...... I think the biggest thing is money - paying for it..... It feels like there shouldn't be a price tag on love so- does that mean splurge crazy or just forget the expences? I already understand it - to have 'your special day' and splurge on the things you care about (i.e. the dress) and to make it work between yourselves....

but then you get talking about it with crazy roomate lady and she says that for her $2000 on a dress is ridiculous even though it might be fine for me, and then I'm just- like- well what the hell? AM I insane? Don't make me feel ridiculous for doing what I want!!


Here is a car I saw walking home one night, it`s covered in toy cars. Like Barbie dolls, plastic lunchboxes, action figures..... COVERED.... There`s another car that parks outside Atomic often and it`s covered in blue faux fur. I can`t find the pic I took of that one right now.....

back to my list of to do

Sunday, October 21, 2007

That's a Chick's Movie!

hey y'all, sorry for the lack of posts recently. I'm pretty busy these days and being engaged is a big distraction- I'm constantly planning in my head and thinking about it all - watching damn wedding tv on the, the budget, the to do list, when, where, most importantly my dress.... Most girls want a special wedding dress, but I'm extra obsessive, I love dresses and dressing up in general... Turns out Atomic isn't having a Halloween party this year, kinda sucky but I wasn't really feeling like I had the money to get a new costume this year anyway.... Too many recent vacations taken... And that's sad since Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year.... I adoooore dressing up on Halloween... The last few times taking the bus around Toronto or Ottawa on my way to Halloween parties dressed as Sally with black scars painted all over my face was pretty amusing too- In Ottawa I had KT the fairy with me and in Toronto Stephen was all goth-ed up with me.... was great.

I was looking up clips on youtube to try to show/explain my wedding theme to people and I ended up looking for romantic movie clips- what I found was this clip from Sleepless in Seattle, you gotta watch it. It has nothing to do with wedding planning, but it's just hilarious.

Oh ya!! Here's our priest:

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Major Update... oh yeah, I'M ENGAGED!

I held off on this update simply because my mom asked me to, so she could tell our relatives that I'M ENGAGED!!!
My future husband!
(just call him fabio)

Stephen just visited me over the weekend in Vancouver. We tried on a lot of hats and glasses. I have been trying to get Stephen to appreciate hats, I found one super sexy one but it was way too small. We saw a 3D movie at an Imax theater and I took a pic of us sporting 3D glasses. Finding the Imax theater was harder than shopping at the Bay.

Another time at lunch I tried on Steve's sunglasses
And he tried on mine. I think he looks better wearing mine than I do his.

The first one where Steve looks ridiculous, was an amazing pair of old $10 prescription glasses we found in a bucket of assorted prescription pairs at one of my favourite vintage stores in Vancouver. The glass was so thick that when you held the glasses you could see the light refracting through the lenses... They were like... Peter Parker... I tried them on too, so to be fair:


I wasn't even wearing any makeup and Steve picked out the plaid headband to complete the look.

Anyway, I've been telling my friends about my engagement, and mom's after the relatives, and as expected, everyone's first question is WHEN is the wedding? Well, I appreciate everyone being excited for Stephen and I and we get that no one wants any conflicts with their next tropical cruise, but as I write this I've been engaged for 2 days and from now until mid November I won't even be living in the same province as my fiancee! We're (at least I'm) so so so SO busy right now, (having just finished 2 vacations, looking for a new job, preparing to move, doing volunteer work, designing and making a bag that I submitted to a charity gala, trying stay caught up at work) and it's a little tough to plan a wedding over the phone. So when I get back to Toronto (mid to late November), Stephen and I will start planning. As soon as we have a date we will be sure to let everyone know and probably will start up a wedding website or blog so people can receive updates. Until then, visions of satin and tulle dance in my head.... It's weird, since I've become engaged I've been feeling bubbly and girly, thinking about my dress and getting excited- I didn't ever think I'd be like this, I guess I didn't realise how exciting it is to be 'getting married'! Stephen and me often talk about mariage, the future and being together, but... it's different when it really starts to happen... It feels like... I undestand little girls who look forward to their wedding.... very weird. To be fair, a TENTATIVE date would be end of summer/early fall 2009... at the earliest.... I like warm weather... and we'll need at least a year to plan/book stuff.

Here is a picture Stephen took of English Bay

Here is a yummy bananna + nutella crepe that Steve ordered at Cafe Crepe. We went there 3 times this weekend!! Yum
Ok, the way it all went down: (the proposal)
As some of you may or may not have heard, I have recently become very inspired to pursue my interest in fashion design as a career option. I'm thinking it over long n' hard.... I volunteered at BC Fashion week recently and designed a purse for the Design Exchance in Toronto. So I'm trying it out, learning what I can. Thinking of going back to school in the future MAYBE. Anyway, this has led to more and more 'future' and 'life' talk with Stephen. We often talk about our future together but this time it's gotten around to us really needing to make some descisions together and me wanting to know what he thinks about it all... I did pick up and fly out to Vancouver for my current job, and our industry (animation/art) really isn't going to make it easy for us to always find work in the same cities.
I was getting around to asking about this again while falling asleep with Stephen in our B n B on the weekend. ( I was basically telling him that I wouldn't like to do anything to jeopordise our relationship (as far as the going back to school thing) and asking would he like for me/us to try to live in the same city more often in the future... Stephen turned away, and he came back with a ring from a keychain and told me that he would very much like to live with me for the rest of his life. I didn't expect that I would cry when I was proposed to, but I did... This keychain ring was waaaay too big, obviously a temporary solution, but he had it ready because the ring he really wanted to give me took him a very long time to find and it isn't ready yet - (It's on order now.) and he wasn't even sure if he would propose this weekend or not- he just wanted to wait until the right moment to ask, and the moment came before the ring. We bought a simple silver necklace for me the following day and I have the keychain ring strung on that around my neck.
Stephen did a lot of research of the history of diamonds and rings before deciding on what he wanted to get for me. He knew he wanted something unique, and was interested in the idea of getting me a ring with my birthstone as the main jewel. (Aquamarine) He learned that it was during the 50's that the diamond became the popular choice of jewel to go into an engagement ring, an idea purported greatly by De Beers due to diamonds being strong, long lasting and very valuable. It is a good symbol for what a marriage should be. Anyway, he ended up choosing an Edwardian style ring with an Aquamarine and 6 little diamonds, 3 on either side. (the number 6 on an engagement ring has been known to represent the two families coming together, the couple and 2 sets of parents.) I think it looks beautiful, and I am excited to wear it.
(I'LL POSE A PIC OF THE RING SOON! I need to turn it into a jpg at home, so check back)

And here's the purse I made. I handmade and dyed the felt that it's made of, the inside is hand quilted green silky fabric, and the handle is a vintage bed necklace I found in Vancouver. I had to hand sew the whole thing since I don't have a sewing machine here.

Where I submitted it: The Design Exchange in Toronto. Their website: Check out the 'Feel This' link for info about the gala and VIP dinner and how to get your mitts on my bag.
A very cute and flubby frumpy little frog we saw at the aquarium

For the ladies; a nest of hissing cockroaches!!

Here is a picture of me after Steve and I saw the aquarium (

Here are some other older pictures that I promised I would post, mostly from when mom was here vacationing with me:
Mom at ye olde chocolate shoppe (I thought it was so cute here, even the cashier was adorable and fit right in with the old shop
Cottoncakes! The most freaking adorable thing, knitted cupcakes!!

Crazy trees in front of The Empress Hotel on Vancouver Island

A beautiful flower that looks like a painting
Mom is getting used to dressing up and having her picture taken! Now she is a sexy vixen working the camera.

Here we are, getting crazy with taking pictures. We've just gotten back from a tasty dinner at Sanafir ( and we're still all done up.
A very beautiful sky.

Update soon - with actual writing, not just photos

Update coming soon! Ask mom for news. Have some new pics from Stephen's visit to Vancouver.
luv, Andrea

Friday, September 28, 2007

Vacation Photos - Part 2

My mom with her updo!! The wine show and the updo were her 'belated mother's day' and 'early birthday since I won't get to see her on her birthday' gifts. A double whammy of gift giving as Caesar called it. Isn't she prettyyyyy?? I have more cute pics, but will have to get those later.
mmmm.... shellaced marzipan.... If it wasn't for the shellac I'd have started eating all the decor at the wine show.
Here we are at the wine show
Crazy building in gas town. My mom deliberately shot this one while the bus was passing through since it looked so cool....
After the haircut, at lunch with my mom, she's snapping photos of my new hair.
Well I finally bothered to figure out how to get up a profile pic... but now I don't know how to delete this photo off my blog... so I guess I'm stuck with it... I'm wearing my newly aquired 'fashionista' t-shirt I got free when volunteering at the BC Fashion show this week. It's made of organic cotton and I luv it. Anyway, I've got more photos of my fabulous vacation with my mom from last week... I'll post them another day. Hopefully.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Facebook trubbles and Vancouver fun

I recently joined facebook and I still don't even understand how to use it all...!! And hotmail won't let me do anything right now so I can't even go through a link to see what people have written on my wall! So peoples, don't think I'm ignoring. Here's are some pictures.
our delicious dinner at shabusen!! me being wine-y at the wine show on sunday

my mom with straightened hair at the salon today!!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Please watch the video found on this site about Facebook:
It talks about how putting information on facebook gives facebook the right to use and redistribute this information in any way, and that they have the right to give your information to third parties. So bascially they can use and profit from any information you post on the site. It is funded by numerous sources, including the US government. A group known as the Information Awareness Office, connected to the funders of Facebook, has the purpose of collecting as much information about as many people as possible in a centralized location. Facebook also collects information about members from other sources, e.g. newspapers and magazines, regardless of a members use of the site.

What do you think????? I'm not really sure what to think, I want to join facebook but I've held off for reasons like this.... plus.... I'm not really an online personality.... I hate that feeling when you get online and suddenly you realise hours have passed and you didn't really mean for that to happen.... I also don't like to share a whole lot of information about myself online, it just feels too scary for people to easily access a ton of information about you...

But I feel like I'm missing out since so so many of my friends have signed up and they all keep in contact that way and even invite each other to events, all through facebook. So I don't get invited to things now that I'm not part of facebook? I have an e-mail address....

The people I talk to about this sort of thing, usually they say "so?". They don't care if the site has the ability to use their information and pass it on to third parties. It just feels like Facebook uses it's members.... and that doesn't seem cool to me....

Think I'll get back to work and go inline skating....

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I edited one of the Cartoonapaluau photos.... since Steve couldn't make it out that night...

I already have a Halloween costume idea................................

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Photos of Vancouver!!

International Fireworks competition - I watched a couple nights of it from the beach
The first time I went ot third beach i took these photos, amazing workout boy (see in the red circle) was there... Janis did you put that vid on youtube yet?
About to eat my delicious homemade veggie burger!! It was made with a lot of yams, so I call it a yamburger. Steve n me are planning to write a cookbook together so when that gets done, this will make it in there...
Out of the oven! Yum leftovers!
A house right beside where I live, the man living there has really been sprucing up his garden recently... Not that it wasn't already beautiful...
The band Finding Friday, my friend Andrew is the bass, caught them a litle while ago at the Lamp. Very good night!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Calling all layout artists!

As for the title of this entry.... any layout artists out there looking to collaborate on a short film? (So ya, work for free, out of the love of drawing) I'm just curious... The film I've got underway right now, it's taking for-E-ver to get all the aspects of the film done, and I really just wanna animate! Layout is not my calling.... (PS., not ready to start a new project anytime soon)

Hey all! I've been dying to update my blog for awhile now, but I can rarely seem to get a wireless signal at home and internet no longer working on my computer at work! Plus there's an intern sitting at the public workstation all the time now at work.... bah

I finally got my demo reel material from Iggy!! (see above the 3 fun screen shots) I'll have to put that all together and spruce up my demo reel... I should have some Betty stuff soon enough as well...

Annnnnd in October I get a visit from Stephen! Very excited. Need to get the rest of my family out here for a visit....