Sunday, March 05, 2006

still busy

what up bloggies... The past few days I've been working on a little animation to make my demo look pretty... clean-up the animation is getting tedious... Anyway, I really want to get it done... so I'm going to get back to it...


  1. Hey Andrea,
    Nice to see you online! I hope you post more than I have ;) I checked out your site too. It's interesting... I see this female character of yours that keeps reoccuring in slightly different designs... She almost seems to be a self portrait. The guy across the table looks like Stephen too. Charming stuff! Can't wait to see some more.

  2. hey fatty! yeah that's me and Steve, in the flash film I made... guess I didn't show it to you huh? I should do that... or post it sometime.... and my site hasn't been updated in like a year...