Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the game of animation

No artwork to post today, my to-do lists are getting longer - I've numbered the items and divided them by day... But I feel a little bored... Thought I'd write a bit... The last of my Carl scenes are a bit brain numbing... I was fiddling around with blogger yesterday, trying to figure out how to get up a profile pic, and since I don't have something I could use at my site I won't be able to have one just yet, I couldn't figure out how to use hello/picasa either... Anyway... still new at this.... least I figured out how to get up some links... with KT's help... I haven't even told many people about this blog yet, so for the most part, I feel like I'm writing to a void...

It feels that time is passing faster for me these days... I feel like I can look back on things with a good undestanding, but looking to the future yields much less clarity... I was discussing time with Stephen the other day, and how it probably doesn't exist, and then had another conversation with KT about ages... She says she feels like a teenager still. Sometimes, she forgets to write out the proper year when it's just changed as she's finally gotten used to writing the last one, and she fogets that's she's had another birthday and will forget that she's as old as she is... But for me, I'm always anticipating the future, and I even told Lu by accident the last time I saw her that I was 23, when I'm really 22... I think that might be what causes time to feel like it's passing quickly...

Enough rambling... gotta get back to work... I have lots of pictures from my recent trip to Florida so soon I'll post some. But for now, I have one picture to share, it's of the roses Steve sent to me at work for Valentines.... aren't they preeeetty?

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